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Ho hum… bored yet?

Posted by on September 9th 2007 in Name and Shame, Rambling on...

Yet another thread about Gear Zone.


Down the pan?

Posted by on August 31st 2007 in Name and Shame, Rambling on...

Here's another thread about Gear Zone.


The new tent’s here!

Posted by on July 17th 2007 in A bit of a rant, Name and Shame, Shiny new kit

Yup, that's right. It's here.

But it didn't come from Gear-Zone, as they eventually condescended to respond to my emails, telling me that their supplier was still out of stock, that I would be waiting for weeks rather than days, and would I like a refund? Yes, I replied. It'll take up to 14 days working days, said the response. Suffice to say that copies of all of our email correspondence have been sent to the Visa Debit Card Services dept. of my bank, as per their request. I'm still waiting for that refund, though.

Oh, did I say that I had been in touch with their supplier, and that there isn't a stock problem there?

Anyway, I bought this tent (same maker, same model as the one that Gear-Zone can't supply) from Gaynor Sports, Ambleside. Ordered Saturday, arrived this morning. Top service, a good price and with free delivery. They'll go into the "Preferred Retailers" list on here as soon as I can sort it out. Tomorrow I'll be performing the standard "pitch it on the back lawn and try to stop the cat p155ing on it" test, maybe I'll take a few pics too.

Methinks that I'll be starting a new black-list on this blogsite. All I need is a catchy title. Contenders so far are: "Sh1te Retailers", "Thieving Robdogs", and ""These shops don't stock what they advertise (but tell you that they do) but still take your money when you order, then they sit on your cash, make interest and excuses, then claim that the problem is caused by their supplier". If you have any other suggestions, just let me know and I'll give them due consideration.

Name and Shame

Posted by on July 6th 2007 in A bit of a rant, Name and Shame, Shiny new kit

Remember my blog entry last week about my new tent purchase?

Well, things aren't much better. They've still got my money, and I still don't have the tent. I've sent many more emails to the retailer, and had no replies to any of them. I've been phoning daily but nobody picks up. I had to Google for contact details for them, as there's no address or phone number on their website. Googling brought up an interesting thread on UKC, it's worth a read. Mind you, Google brings up a lot of similar complaints about this company, it seems that I'm experiencing what is common practise for this retailer.

Well, tonight I decided that I'd had enough, so I've referred the matter to my bank and to my debit card company, they'll get the matter sorted in due course. I've been told that I can expect either the goods or a full refund, it'll take a few weeks but it will happen. At this time, they can't say which I'll get, so I'm banjaxxed for a while... do I buy a new tent elsewhere and risk eventually getting the original tent from this retailer, or do I go without a summer tent for another month and go stir-crazy? I've already had to miss three camping weekends because of this delay, it's seriously pissing me off.

Anyway, if anybody else out there is having difficulty finding contact details for this retailer, this is what I've managed to find out so far, I hope that this information is of use to somebody

Gear-Zone Ltd.

17 Westlegate, Norwich. NR1 3LT. Tel: 01603 630 298, Fax: 01603 615051
8 Burnet Rd, Sweet Briar Road Industrial Est, Norwich. NR32BS. Tel: 01603 410108

Web:, emails:

Registered at Companies House, Registration Number 04305618


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