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Google Maps Platform pricing revision… insane

Posted by on May 11th 2018 in In the News, Maps

Just in case you missed the news about the 1400% price-hike:

The announcement:

The reaction:

I expect that my online maps at Google, Map Channels and My Maps + will soon be toast, leaving gaping holes in this blog.

I may well be ditching the GPS in favour of a GFYG.

The Angle of the Dangle

Posted by on November 21st 2016 in Just for fun, Maps
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Unlike O.S. maps, this map of Britain is free and can be copied, posted etc. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License (see here).


British Map

LOL @ the BBFC's protractor to the south of the Mull of Kintyre.


Ferritin / Addict

Posted by on November 10th 2016 in Health, or lack thereof, Maps

I went to LGH for venesection no. 3 today, and got the pre-bleed result from venesection no. 2 - you may recall that I had a bit of a WTF episode during that session.

That pre-bleed result from venesection no. 2 was 1462 × 10-6 g/L - way higher than the previous result, but it seems to more like what we expected, and the Hb is still holding up:



This seems to add weight to the theory that the pre-bleed result of 998 × 10-6 g/L from venesection no. 1 was either wrong or not mine. Time will tell - two points on a graph isn't really enough of a basis for a trend. Nevertheless, I still intend to "discuss the matter" when I attend my next haematology out-patient consultation next week.

Anyway, sitting on a bed for over 2 hours today in a room full of ill people while intermittently bleeding into a bag does have a few benefits... as well as getting me free cuppas and biscuits, it also allows me to get stuck into a good book which I've not read for some time:



Map Addict. A Tale of Obsession, Fudge & the Ordnance Survey, by Mike Parker.

If you've not yet acquired a copy, I recommend that you add it to your Christmas wish-list. It's much better than a poke in the arm with a sharp needle eye with a sharp stick.

Did the earth move for you?

Posted by on August 1st 2016 in In the News, Maps

It's the 1st of August and the layout of the north of England has gone barmy. The LDNP extended within Cumbria - I can just about understand that. But the YDNP extended into Cumbria and Lancashire? How does that work?



So, now there are even more bits of the LDNP that are not merely unmarked but simply don't appear on my worn-in but not yet worn-out OS OL English Lakes paper set, or my Memory-Map 1:25k Lake District 'puter maps, or even my two excellent AZ Adventure Lake District map-books.

How long before the OS tries to sell us Outdoor Leisure OL "7 and a bit"?


And before you say anything about the UMapper maps on this blog, yes, I know that they're fcuked. UMapper is defunct, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement.


Posted by on March 26th 2014 in Maps, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

Sometimes a bit of idle surfing can get you to where you didn't realise you wanted to be...

During a short "free period" I'd been poring over some maps. Real maps. Big flappy unruly Ordnance Survey paper sheets. If you remember these things, you'll remember the faff involved in folding them away neatly after use. You'll likely also remember that repeated use destroys any stressed/strained intersections of  folds.

Anyway, duty called so I put away the maps. Some DIY was required, a drill was necessary, and the all-singing, all-dancing one that I'd bought for my Dad (so that I could borrow it permanently) was, for some strange reason, at my Dad's place. No matter, a detour to the local Lidl during a cardio-exercise walk resulted in the acquisition of a cheap cordless jobbie.

Back at the ranch I did the DIY and decided that the cheap jobbie was in fact quite good. So good that I looked into buying a spare battery-pack for it. At some point during the web-search I got distracted by Wikipedia's page on Li-ion batteries and found myself reading about their flexibility (see here).

I got side-tracked by the Miura Fold/Solar Panel Array thing...

And Google took me here and here...

And then the dropping penny reached its target.

Yeah, I know it's been done before, but I've a mind to give it a try for myself on a newish real map once I've ironed-out all of those standard-issue O. S. creases. I might start with a Memory-Map printout and work my way up from there.

Here's a YT clip of how it works:


Let’s Rock!!!

Posted by on October 9th 2012 in Maps, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

Not this:



That's just a screenshot of the BGS Geology of Britain viewer, you can load the viewer in you browser by clicking here.

You can also generate embed code for sticking interactive maps into blog posts, just like this:

 That's where Ken was a few days ago.

 The BGS also have a few apps for iPhone and Android, I have both the iGeology and iGeology3D apps on my HTC Wildfire and they've been useful for info when out and about. I'd imaging that they'd look and work really well on an iPad or an Android tablet but I can't verify that as I own neither.

That said, the iGeology app works a treat on the XP laptop when running in the BlueStacks App Player:

Cock of Arran

It's a nice bit of kit to have around if you're into that sort of thing.

If it would work in/with Memory-Map etc. then route-planning according to geological features rather than by topography would be a doddle.

Not going the extra mile

Posted by on April 30th 2011 in Great Escapes, Maps, Rambling on...

One of the minor hassles of being a "bagger" of Wainwrights is that there are times when I'm up on the fells and I get to thinking "I'm happy, I've done enough, I don't really fancy going up that next bit just for the sake of another tick on a list". At the time it seems the right thing to do, there's no point in over-stretching, it takes the fun out of it. After all, we've probably all heard, and possibly even used, phrases like "the hills will still be there tomorrow". Fell-walking is supposed to be about pleasure, not pressure.

Trouble is, it plays with my mind, especially straight after the choice becomes irrevocable, usually on the walk-out. Those nagging thoughts that it would have been easy, that I've let myself down, that I'll have to walk large bits again for less gain. It needles me, it makes me regretful, and eventually it starts to rob me of the pleasure that I thought I'd had.

The problems become even more apparent later when an OCD ticker such as myself, 200 miles away from the fells, looks at the map and at the "to do" list and thinks...

  • twice I've been up Skiddaw and twice I've not continued northwards that extra mile to visit Bakestall...
  • if I'd detoured the extra mile to Lonscale Fell the first time I went up Skiddaw, I wouldn't have had to go up there again last week...
  • if I'd just walked that extra mile further during the 2008 wildcamp with Chris, I would have got to Shipman Knotts...
  • if my mind hadn't been preoccupied with other things, I wouldn't have turned back half a mile short of Green Crag way back in 2006...
  • if I'd been a bit more strict with myself, I wouldn't have declined the half-mile detour to Rest Dodd during the 2007 wildcamp with Chris...
  • the further mile or so from there to The Nab would have been doable too...
  • and as for the first two circuits of Seat Sandal, before the third attempt when I actually did reach the top, the less said, the better.

So now, apart from a couple of decent-length walks during each of which I can pull in a handful of currently-unascended tops, I'm left with several singletons or pairs of unvisited short-walk fells, linked only to places that I've trodden before. "Fragmented" is the word that springs to mind.

I suppose that a weekend dedicated solely to nabbing these scattered things would be effective, but there'd be as much time spent driving as would be spent walking - where's the fun in that?


Rest Dodd


Maybe I should simply stop being a bagger, bin the list and just walk for the hell of it.

Mind you, I'm only 20 shy of the finish - that's the stats-equivalent of the last mile...

Maybe a beer would help?


Posted by on December 13th 2010 in Maps

Unlike my finger, Low Stonythwaite was cut off in its prime...


On my 1987 paper map.


On my printout of my 2004 digital map.


My finger's still more-or-less intact and attached. Whatever now remains of Low Stonythwai(te) is at Grid Ref SD2182596915 (ish) if you're interested.

It's been claimed many times that our national mapping agency deliberately puts errors in digital maps in order to "trap" copyright violators, these claims are generally denied. I can't vouch for either side of this debate, but I'd say that if our national mapping agency really is deliberately and knowingly publishing such errors in documents that are supposed to be as accurate as possible, it smacks of misuse of funding which no doubt originally came from the public's purse or wallet. That can't be legal, can it?


Posted by on April 20th 2010 in In the News, Maps, Weather

It's interesting watching the plane icons looping-the-loop over at - there are only two in the air in our airspace right now, and they've been going around and around for ages. It reminds me of Die Hard 2...

Here's BAW84 at 19:26. After a few more loops above the IOM, it went to Dublin but got turned away. After a wander across the mainland UK it eventually went off the screen at London:

And here's BAW284 at 19:26, spending nearly two hours circling above the west coast of Ireland...

and again, over 1.5 hours later, eventually reaching London after six loops above Ireland:

All this was happening before the UK airports were allowed to open. It's taking a big chance, crossing the Atlantic when there's no assurance of being allowed to land. Maybe they were confident that Bruce Willis would turn up and save the day 🙄

UMapper updated

Posted by on November 6th 2008 in Great Escapes, Maps, Plugins

UMapper's now got quite a few more features, the best one is the (beta) ability to import data in GPX, KML and geoRSS formats. Preliminary mucking-about has resulted in me importing a whole load of my Lake District walking routes from the Memory-Map installation on my lappy. Be warned - it takes a while to load. Later on, I'll get around to adding some notes/markers/lines etc., but for now, WYSIWYG.