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Wade along now, nothing to see here.

Posted by on January 26th 2014 in Rambling on..., Weather

You've not been holding your breath since last November, have you?

I'll see if I can scrape together enough stuff to make a half-decent post sometime soon.

And now for the weather. Or rather a question about weather...

How is it that the Norwegians can forecast our weather more accurately and in more detail than our own Met. Office can, and provide better charts to boot?

Here's theirs (click it to go to the website for the Full Monty):

Yep, you just copy the URL for the chart and paste it into your website as an image, it updates as required on refresh. No sign-up required. And it's usually very accurate. Good, eh?

And ours? Well, if you register with the Met. Office you can make a basic widget:


This Hinckley weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

Or you can go to their website to view their registration-free (but usually not-so-accurate) up-to-date chart which you can't copy/paste. Not so good, eh?

Go figure.

Welcome to 2014.

Bring yer wellies and thermals.

Match postponed. Home Win.

Posted by on March 22nd 2013 in Great Escapes, Testing for review, Weather, Wildcamping

This was to be the weekend when I introduced Ella to the delights of wildcamping. We'd been looking forward to spending a couple of relaxing nights somewhere high and remote in the Far Eastern Fells, but the weather's banjaxed that idea:



It's taken several years to get her reasonably comfortable with the prospect of crapping in a hole dug in the middle of nowhere, but the added complication of having to dig away three feet of snow beforehand and then do the biz during a blizzard would probably be too much.

We'd intended to use the Vango Banshee 300 as it still needs to reviewed after being used in anger on the fells, but I think we would have needed the F10 Spindrift in the conditions that have been predicted. The Spindrift in full hoolie garb is twice the weight of the Banshee, add to that the extra insulation and winter metalwork demanded by the conditions and it's clear that the pack-weights would have been too much for her.

Then there's the irony factor - this very afternoon I received another item of kit to test/review... a softshell jacket that's "a perfect lightweight barrier for those cool, breezy, summer trails". That would have been perfect exactly a year ago when the temperatures were over 20 Celsius higher in the Lake District, but this weekend's episode of global... erm... warming demands down jackets rather than WINDSTOPPER® softies.

There's one more window of opportunity about two weeks hence. Fingers crossed!

Not Going Out?

Posted by on September 25th 2012 in Annual Wildie, Great Escapes, Weather, Wildcamping

We had such grand designs for the coming weekend...

With the improving bad back more-or-less under control due to the effects of Ibuprofen combined with Paracetamol, and the arse tolerable due to the aforementioned drugs and a wonder-cream prescribed by my G.P., we thought we'd risk a weekend away wildcamping in the Northern Lake District to bag four of the six Wainwrights that are still on my to-do list. We've not had a wildie this year, and we have a tent that still needs properly testing for review, so it was a reasonable opportunity, probably the best we would get.

We still weren't daunted when I came home from my Dad's birthday bash with a stonking cold which, as you'd expect for a bloke like me, has been upgraded to the status of Man Flu. Past experiences indicate that I could just about cope with a morning basal body temperature of 37.9C (oral).

But now we find that we'll have to contend with the aftermath of this:


It's not looking good. We won't make a final decision until the eleventh hour but I suspect that we'll be giving it a miss.

FWIW, the pic is a screen-shot of the excellent Rainy Days Android App running in the BlueStacks App Player on Windows XP. BlueStacks is a handy bit of kit for those of us who don't have large-screen Android devices. It's free during beta and there's a Mac version. What's not to like?

My legs are grey, my ears are gnarled, my eyes are old and bent.

Apologies for the lack of regular posts. I fear that I'm becoming a virtual hiker...


Outdoorsy stuff

For me it's all on hold after the latest consultation. The expert reckons that I might have to wait another six months for my insides to heal fully, only then will they consider a further procedure to remove the tags and piles that were caused by the original op. Any exertion aggravates said tags, leading to inflammation, infection and blockage, this means that I only get limited exercise which in turn has led to significant muscle-loss and a reduction of core body strength. I'm now so unfit that wielding the vacuum-cleaner for only 10 minutes on Wednesday resulted in me straining my back and now I'm confined to quarters and popping the Ibuprofens. Looks like our week in Skye later this month will be a sightseeing tour rather than an opportunity to assault some classic ridges and peaks.



Well, I have plenty of time to watch the events on the box as I'm pretty much a captive audience. Anna's down The Smoke right now on a school-trip, she was in the basketball arena this evening watching Team GB v France and Team USA v The Czech Republic, where the Beeb's camera caught her and her friends doing their bit of a magnificent Mexican Wave. After overnighting at Eton College she'll be spending the morning in Greenwich Park watching the equestrian events.



I have plenty of time for this too, but the weather's been naff at night. On the odd occasions when it's been cloudless the jetstream has been playing havoc with the seeing - the last time I imaged the Moon it looked like someone was pouring water over it:




Hailstorm damage

The Loss Adjuster's been around and we have agreed terms. We've already been paid out for damage to the outbuildings, primarily because I'd done the pricing-up myself, but we're still waiting for builders to provide quotes for the repairs to the house roof and the windows. There's so much property damage around here that we're on a long waiting-list for repair-work, we're looking at mid- to late-September at the earliest.


Ah well, never mind, things could be worse.

Ice-storm #4 – around the village

Posted by on July 2nd 2012 in Weather

Had to go to the Post Office today, the route took me along the track of the storm.

As you can see, fixing the pub and the adjoining property has been made Priority No. 1.

Click the pic to access further images of destruction.

Ice-storm #3 – pics

Posted by on June 29th 2012 in In the garden, Weather

Pics as promised... here's a before-and-after pair, click either of them to see more pics of the storm-damage at our property.

I'm fairly sure that the car will be a write-off  😥

Ice-storm #2 – video

Posted by on June 28th 2012 in In the garden, My vids, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), Weather

Video as promised. This used to be our garden, now it's like the Somme...



The local paper's website says that the hailstones were as big as golf-balls. Well, that may have been true for Hinckley, but in Burbage we were getting some as big as cricket-balls!

I suppose you'll want to see what they've done to my car. I'll post the pics later.

Ice-storm #1 – big hailstones

Posted by on June 28th 2012 in In the garden, Weather

Just recovering from a wicked ice-storm here.

Greenhouses trashed, car-roofs dimpled and dented, gardens flattened.

Here's a pic of some vicious hailstones with my 62mm lens-cap for scale.

More pics and some video later.


No weather today

Posted by on March 9th 2012 in Just for fun, Weather

Due to cut-backs at the Met Office there will be no weather today...


Black and White

Posted by on December 23rd 2010 in In the garden, Weather
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Outdoors toilet-training can't be much fun when the snow's up to the top of your legs:

I get the feeling that Elvy didn't really enjoy her introduction to the garden yesterday.