Fog on the Barrow-downs

Posted by @ 1:04 am on Monday 24th April, 2017.
Categories: In the garden

Or, in this case, "F*ck it, the barrow's down!"

There was a "ping" from the barrow as it lay upturned in the sun a couple of feet away waiting for action. It distracted me for a moment but it didn't register that it was the tyre-bead giving way. What really got my attention, and caused my arse to eat my trousers, was the unexpected "boom!" a few seconds later as a big chunk of the tyre-wall broke way and the inner-tube decided that it couldn't be "inner" any longer.

Looks like a visit to the barrow-wight is on the cards, to sell my soul for a new load-lugger.

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2 Responses to “Fog on the Barrow-downs”

  1. Have you ever heard the bang a road bike inner tube makes if you get it pinched in the tyre-bead when changing it? Happened to me once a few years ago when I was pumping mine back up. My ears were ringing for a good while and the dog wouldn't come out the bedroom for a long time lol

  2. BG! says:

    @Sandy (Bigbananafeet) - Heard a few on-road blow-outs in my time but never up close like that. We had a compressor tank burst at work when an RSJ fell on it, that was fairly impressive. I dread to think of the racket that would be created if my rifle's air-cylinder was to give out - after I've pumped it up it's at 190 bar (~2755 psi) and in use the near-end is about eight inches away. Damp filling-air can cause internal corrosion, and some poorly-maintained cyls do pop when being filled.

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