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Posted by @ 9:38 pm on Wednesday 17th April, 2019.

Well, I attended Glenfield Hospital yesterday for the heart function check. I passed that OK... contrary to the specialist nurse's opening gambit of wanting to up my daily dose of Ramipril and start me on beta-blockers (and possibly statins) it turns out that my heart's in good enough nick to proceed to SCT so they're not going to mess about with the current drug regime.

Today I attended Glenfield Hospital again, at stupid-o'clock in the morning, for the bronchoscopy. I explained that I have had no symptoms of lung infection since the CT scan weeks ago, that my infection markers were still right down, and that I was feeling in fine fettle. Suffice to say that they did the bronchoscopy anyway and now my lungs hurt, my throat's in tatters and my eating ability is trashed. As predicted yet totally avoidable, IMHO. Results are pending but I think we know what the outcome will be.

While I was wandering the broncho unit recovering from the sedative and from the local anaesthetic I got a call from LRI... an appointment has been made for me to go for a "missed off the to-do list" breathing/lung function test tomorrow, and guess what... yet again it's at Glenfield Hospital and yet again it's at stupid-o'clock in the morning. Incredibly, they really do want me to go for a breathing/lung-function test less than 24 hours after having my lungs and airways aggravated by a camera on a bendy stick! I was so angry but I was unable to talk clearly - I had to hand the phone to Chris so that she could talk sense to them.

Back home and the phone rang again... it was LRI again... an appointment has been made for me to have a "missed off the to-do list" Bone Marrow Aspiration at LRI and guess what... that's tomorrow morning too! After the breathing/lung function test we're expected to jaunt from one hospital to another in the blink of an eye.

So... FOUR out-patient appointments within FORTY-EIGHT HOURS at TWO hospitals over THREE consecutive days... whoever "planned" that lot needs to be introduced to the simplicity of Gantt Charts.

In case you missed it in my previous post...

the whole process has been "planned to within an inch of my life".

Yeah. Right. If you count "planning" as "shoe-horning everything in before the Easter weekend".

My period of respite is swiftly becoming a period of spite.

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