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Posted by on February 16th 2012 in LMAO!

Since October she'd looked high and low for my trusty Petzl e+LITE...


Today she found it.

In her handbag.

The same handbag that she carries every day.

She still insists that she'd had a thorough look in there.

'Tis a place of mystery and lost souls, that handbag.

I suspect that Shergar and Lord Lucan may be somewhere in there.

Spot the difference

Posted by on February 10th 2012 in Shiny new kit

My trusty Petzl e+LITE (refurbished back in October 2010) has been AWOL since we returned from our most-recent wildie back in October 2011. We've looked everywhere for it but it refuses to be found, so I was charged with sourcing a replacement. The best deal that I could find was on Amazon.

Yesterday the postie delivered the new one. The lamp-unit, head-band and revised cord-grip (the one with the integral whistle) are the same as the one that's been lost but the pod's had a minor makeover... small changes, all worthwhile and simple to do by modding the mould-tooling.

So far I've spotted the SOS/OK pictograms, the improved grip-lugs on the lid (gloved hands get much better purchase on these) and the drain-hole's gone (so the thing doesn't take on water when immersed). Can you see any other differences?

In both pics the old pod's on the left, the new pod's on the right.

e+LITE refurb

Posted by on October 29th 2010 in Shiny new kit, Thanks

A few days ago I emailed Lyon Equipment Ltd. After Sales to find out about getting a replacement rubbery band for the red plastic pod for my Petzl e+LITE - my band is showing its age and has many deep cracks in it, it would probably have broken during the next outing.

Yesterday the postie delivered a packet containing not just a replacement rubbery band but also a new pod and a new headband complete with the revised cord-grip (the one with the integral whistle). All FOC despite my offer to pay.

Joe Faulkner, you're a star, thank you!

New on the left, old on the right

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