Domain Name Renewal scam (?)

Posted by @ 3:09 pm on Tuesday 8th May, 2012.

It all looks genuine and official, very slick.

I wonder how many folk fall for it.

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7 Responses to “Domain Name Renewal scam (?)”

  1. Fred Thrung says:

    As you say - very slick. But not illegal, just an expensive rip-off. I get several of these for various .com and domains. I currently pay under £10 for .com so the charges are way too high.

  2. GeoffC says:

    I haven't received one yet but they seem to be well known, a search turns up plenty of warnings about them.
    At least it's not an outright scam (well I believe it isn't), it seems to be a legitimate business but they are using unethical means to get you to switch your custom to them for much higher prices.

  3. BG! says:

    Yes, the prices are high and there are plenty of warnings on the web. There are also plenty of instances of folk being taken in by this - it's not always the "webmaster" that pays the bills so these things often get processed in good faith by non-IT personnel, and some people who should know better make a habit of just clearing their "bills" without checking to see if they're legit.

    Unethical companies like DRG don't need to catch out many unwary punters to turn a profit and if they take the dosh and don't actually transfer the registration then the unwary punter will still get a kosher bill from his/her true Registrar a few months later.

    Looking on the bright side, this is the first ever time I've received a letter addressed to "BG!". It made the postman chuckle 😆

  4. Andy Dawkins says:

    As others have said, not a scam and entirely legit, they are just getting the renewal in first. Once renewed, your usual registrar shouldn't bill you as the domain will be marked as renewed.

    Just my 2 penn'orth!


  5. BG! says:

    Well, my 1 penn'orth (the Govt. took my other penny) is that they may well be legit but I still think it's a scam - there are plenty of tales of folk who took up the offer but whose domain registrations weren't transferred so they did get second bills.

    Let's face it... it may well be worded to say that it's not a bill but it is set up to look like one to the inexperienced eye - there's even a tear-off payment strip where they provide a row of boxes for a credit/debit card number and a blank line for a signature. More like a bill than like an ad, I'd say.

    The small-print (and there is a hell of a lot of it, it's an incredibly small font) on the reverse of the main letter starts with the statement "Domain Renewal Group IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR ENDORSED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES". That doesn't fill me with confidence. Mind you, I'm a Brit who still doesn't understand who put Uncle Sam in charge of the Internet.

    The cracker is a bit further down the page... "LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: YOU AGREE THAT WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY (1) SUSPENSION OR LOSS OF THE SERVICE(S), INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION SERVICES, (2) USE OF THE SERVICE(S), INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION SERVICES... (7) THE PROCESSING OF AN APPLICATION FOR A DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION..." and so on. So, we're to pay for them to perform a service that they're not liable to perform? In fact, if you read all the small-print, they don't seem to want to be liable for anything except taking the money.

    I'll give it a miss. The compost-heap needs more shredded paper.

  6. BG! says:

    FWIW, I've just been digging through some old spam emails and I'm now of the opinion that DRG's prices may in fact be a bit low... last year an unnamed company emailing me from lunadeweyATsellstonesDOTcom wanted $75 for one year's registration! Oh, and they got the expiry date wrong... by a loooong way.

    For the record, my current host charges me $10 a year for registration but they offset that by giving me a $10 coupon every year so I get an invoice for $0.

  7. BG! says:


    Somebody's spat their dummy out - all of today's spam so far seems to be from a domain renewal company.

    Speaks volumes, that does.

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