Delete cookies and cache, then reboot

Posted by @ 5:02 pm on Thursday 27th December, 2018.

Relapse confirmed.

They've made up their minds and are now in accord with each other - we're going for the FLAG-IDA regime, which means I'll be resident on LRI Ward 41 again. Kick-off will be at 14:00 on 02/01/2019.

And I'll need a stem-cell transplant if a suitable willing donor can be found.

Thanks to Chris and to Santa, I have reading material to tide me over the first few days:

4 Responses to “Delete cookies and cache, then reboot”

  1. Nick Harris says:

    I hope its funnier than the timewasters letters

    I'm willing but suitability might be an issue!

    What's the communication protocol during your incarceration?

    Let me know if you need anything that I'm at least partly capable of supplying, I have already started a collection of whiteboard pens!!

    Good luck!!

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Nick Harris
    What's the communication protocol during your incarceration?

    Email or text preferred. Handwritten messages on white fivers or blank cheques also accepted.

    Have you got a stand-in quiz partner sorted yet?

  3. Nick Harris says:

    Message received! Blank cheque on the way, but my Dad will go bananas when he finds out his chequebook is missing. No substitute acquired yet, I'm going to ask Cathy if we can participate via Skype, mind you sometimes you could probably hear her from there if only you could open the window.

    Nice plastic card, is it contactless?

    Good luck with the poison.

  4. glen rayner says:

    This has been filmed by the BBC for transmission this year.

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