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Coniston Fells Wildcamping (again) – Part 1 – Up Sam Bottom

Posted by on July 16th 2009 in Great Escapes, Shiny new kit, Wildcamping

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After the previous effort to walk these fells (see here and here), I was determined to get the job done this time. The weather forecast was a poignant reminder of the conditions during the last outing, but I've walked through much worse.

The weather was fine and hot, with just a few clouds here and there to frame the view. The drive up the road from Coniston to the old quarry car-park had to be interrupted to take in this fine sight of some of the target fells:

Coniston Fells Panorama

Beside the Walna Scar Road

I parked up in exactly the same space as before in the car-park near Timley Knott on the Walna Scar Road and, after getting kitted-up, started off along the winding quarry-road towards Boulder Valley and Levers Water:

The quarry-road

After a while I passed through the gap between The Bell and Stubthwaite Crag and onto the section where the path passes along a ledge beneath Crowberry Haws. From there, the views across the Coppermines Valley were impressive:

Looking towards Wetherlam

The Coppermines Valley and YHA

There was also a fine selection of flora and fauna next to the path:

Purple #1

Purple #2

The next stop was in Boulder Valley, to have a look at the famous "Pudding Stone" (the one on the left). OK, so it's a big boulder, but I wouldn't say it was anything special:

The Pudding Stone

Next it was up to the gap between Brim Fell End and Simon's Nick for the first sight of Levers Water:

Levers Water, with Swirl Hawse on the skyline

and a glimpse down into the darkness of the Nick:

The Nick

After the short stroll around to the weir to cross the outflow, it was time to take on some water and to grab a few more pics:

Levers Water again

Swirl How beyond Levers Water

From there it was a quick walk to the top end of the Water, where, after a brief look back towards Raven Tor...

Raven Tor above Levers Water

I took the path that leads up towards the col of Swirl Hawse. The grimness of the shaded scene above was amply compensated by the views of ground already traversed:

Another look back

After some heavy breathing, a stiff pull and a sweaty half-hour I was in position to pitch my erection in Sam Bottom, where I stayed until sunrise:

😯 😯 😯

The tarn with no name

A smaller tarn nearby

Pitched by the tarn

Another view of the pitch

And another

A final look back towards Coniston

Blue sky above Swirl Hawse

To be continued.

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