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The longest day at Croft Hill

Posted by on June 25th 2010 in Celebrations, Great Escapes, Pics

To mark the longest day and the nth anniversary of our engagement we spent a few hours at the Croft Hill SSSI.

It's an odd place - the trig-column on the top of the hill is only 128m above sea level, the surrounding land is undeniably flat, and literally within a stone's throw of the top is Croft Quarry, claimed to be the largest man-made hole in Europe. Have a click on this pic and you might see what I mean:


Panorama from the top of Croft Hill


Just in case you didn't get a feel for the scale of the place from that, here are two more pics that should clarify the matter:


The hill

The hole


Impressive, eh?

Of course, it's not all about humps and hollows. There's plenty of flora and fauna to see, and a few other odd things too. Photographer and fellow blogger Colin Griffiths visits regularly and he takes some cracking pics of the place.

32 pics, click any of the above to view the lot.

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