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Blogroll update

Posted by on January 15th 2010 in Blog on Blog, Blog on Site, Blogroll, Site update, Thanks
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This post by Martin prompted me to update my "GOTO" blogrolls to include a few more blogs and sites that I've bookmarked over the last few weeks.


Links added so far this year include:


They take the total to over 200 links, all supplied free-of-charge, none of them conditional on the target site having a reciprocal link.

I think I'll be having a links sort-out sometime soon - some of the dropdowns are dropping down a bit too much, so they need recategorising rather than culling. If you've any suggestions as to how to do this in a meaningful and useful way, feel free to let me know.

Anyway, feel free to have a mooch through the links - there may be a few that you've not seen before. If you find any errors or omissions, just holler and I'll get it sorted out.

Thanks for the heads-up, Martin 😎

The game is afoot

Posted by on January 15th 2009 in Bloggers' Meet, Great Escapes

After the mania of the Christmas and New Year period, and the family crises that have been brought under a semblance of control, things have calmed down to the point where we can begin to function normally again.

I've even managed to book a weekend away in Patterdale, so that I can introduce Ella to a few more Wainwrights. For what they're worth, advance forecasts are for a return to wintry conditions, so let's hope that the forecasters have got their predictions correct.

Furthermore, I've arranged to go for a crafty beer (or two) with a fellow blogger a few days afterwards.

My titanium cup runneth over  😀

Reports will follow in due course.

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