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Just a few snippets of utter drivel, snatched from the weird stuff that Akismet catches for me:

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Construction of any house begins with designing and the wooden house not exception. Unfortunately, many builders not up to the end understand, that competent designing of the house will allow to save up to 30 % of means during construction. In spite of the fact that almost each of us is familiar with sad experience ñàìîñòðîÿ, we continue to attack the same raker. To anybody from us will not come in a head to entrust medical operation to the layman. However, having read through 2-3 popular journal clauses about construction of houses, everyone starts to feel in this question the professional. About 30 % of customers with pride bear in civil engineering firms the project of own composition. In most cases heart is compressed from melancholy when you represent to what can manage such house. Especially it concerns to wooden houses. The tree is an alive material. Construction from it has the specificity and demands special knowledge. Moreover, all is far not professional architects and builders them own. And in it there is nothing unusual: if at you the tooth was ill, you go to the stomatologist, instead of the oculist though both that and another are doctors. And here - it is necessary to charge designing and construction of the wooden house only to those experts and the organizations who are a good judge of it and have already proved in this field.
At construction of the wooden house in many cases it is absolutely not obligatory to order a full package of the design-budget documentation. Especially it concerns small buildings and constructions (a bath, garages, etc.). The Most detailed project is required by manufacture and construction of houses from îöèëèíäðîâàííîãî logs. It is caused by that all elements of a structure are made industrially and any deviation from the sizes stipulated in the project, leads to impossibility of the subsequent assembly of the house on a building site. But even in this case charges on the design documentation can be minimized. In structure of documents, sufficient to make and construct the house from îöèëèíäðîâàííîãî logs necessarily should enter: the outline sketch, the specification on elements (with the drawing and marks of each log) and technological cards of assembly of the house (development of walls).
The outline sketch, first gives the builder full representation that should turn out during construction, and secondly, is the basic document on the house and enters an integral part into structure of the documents necessary for carrying out of coordination with allowing bodies of local authorities. Into it necessarily should enter:
o the general explanatory note with initially allowing documentation, technical and economic parameters, the information of project heads on conformity of the project to norms;
o the plan of the base (a cellar, a ground floor);
o plans of floors;
o facades with a colour score;
o cuts (longitudinal and cross-section).
The specification on elements is necessary that on manufacture could make correctly all elements of a under construction house, and technological cards of assembly will help builders of all this to collect correctly. Architects on occassion respecting and designers supplement this list of documents with a card of optimization ðàñêðîÿ logs that allows to reduce waste of wood up to a minimum.
At designing the house from îöèëèíäðîâàííîãî it is necessary to consider logs, that the majority of the enterprises use for the manufacture a standard, six-meter wood. As walls of houses in many cases exceed this length, logs should be joined among themselves. At all it is not recommended to do it on the open wall. All joints is necessary for providing on ïåðåðóáàõ so that they could be closed the thermal lock, excepting that bridges of a cold. It is necessary to remember, that for rigidity ñðóáà and correct it óñàäêè, logs should ïåðåõëåñòûâàòü each other. It is undesirable to join logs in one place more than in three wreaths successively. It is not recommended to do also ïåðåðóáû further, than 4,5 5 meters from each other, in order to prevent horizontal motions of logs which can lead to formation of cracks in a wall. It also concerns also at home, ðóáëåíûõ manually. And, certainly, an axiom which often forget (especially at designing bay windows): In a log house there can be only an even quantity of corners. (Saurturbusalm)

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I reckon I'll keep saving these, when I've got enough I'll stitch them all together and see if they make sense that way. Maybe they'll make a story that will be good enough to publish, and I'll make my fortune?

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