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It's taken me a week to figure out what's not quite right with the pics from last weekend at Buttermere... they're too green. It's not a problem with the camera, or an excess of photoshopping, it's to do with the trees - they're nearly all in full green leaf, hardly any have turned that autumnal brown that lends contrast to the scenery.

Looking around the garden, there are signs of a seasonal mismatch there too...

After having dropped all of its flowers and buds three weeks ago, our hardy Fuchsia has come into bloom again, and is busy throwing out a new growth of lighter-coloured leaves.

The wild Foxgloves in the front garden died back over a month ago after providing an excellent riot of colour for the previous few months, but at least one has decided to have another go, and is adding a late splash of brightness to the borders.

The seemingly-immortal Clematis that occasionally climbs the north-facing wall of the house is really going for it - it flowered in April, then died back and dried out so much that I cut it back hard to the root. After that it started growing again and put on an unprecedented display during July, August and September, after which it wilted, losing all of its flowers and most of its leaves. It was pleasing to note that yesterday it was flowering yet again, and it's loaded with new buds that really shouldn't be there at this time of year.

Maybe it's not a mismatch, it could be that they just like playing extra-time.



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