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Posted by @ 5:55 am on Thursday 14th March, 2013.
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Hmm... Google is to retire Reader and a handful of other useful services.

That'll fcuk-up a few bloggers and smartphone users, I'll warrant.

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7 Responses to “Feed me!”

  1. GeoffC says:

    I just read about that too - what a pain. I use Reader to keep up to date on about 50 blogs, it saves a huge amount of time.
    I tried a few alternatives a few months back but they all annoyed me one way or another, Reader was much better than any of them. If you find one that works like Reader, i.e. just a simple list of blogs where bold type indicates a new post and one click expands the one-line summary on the right, let me know.

  2. BG! says:

    @GeoffC - Try Feedly. It'll work together with Reader if you use your Google sign-in. Plenty of config options, takes a bit of getting used to but it should do what you want. They're going to develop "Normandy", their own substitute for GR, allegedly the transition will be at their end and will be "seamless". Time will tell.

  3. George says:

    @BG! - +1 for Feedly. I've been using it since the last outage on Google Reader., and find it works just as well as Reader.

  4. George says:

    @BG! - +1 for Feedly. I've been using it since the last outage on Google Reader., and find it works just as well as Reader. I have it as a Tab in Chrome.

  5. GeoffC says:

    Hmm, I tried Feedly briefly, but as I recall it used Google login - is it not just piggybacking on the underlying Google Reader product then?.
    My original reason for trying alternatives was to distance myself more from the intrusive Google empire, and I'm not using Chrome (another product that annoyed me in various ways).

  6. George says:

    @GeoffC - it is at the moment but come july, it will be going alone using Normandy, thier own RSS reader. I find chrome to be a much better browser than firefox or IE.

  7. BG! says:

    @GeoffC - Logging in with Google allows Feedly to "import" the feeds you already have in GR, so when "Normandy" arrives it'll already be good to go. No faffing with OPML stuff.

    Another option is The Old Reader. See their blog here.

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