Posted by @ 12:08 pm on Tuesday 29th January, 2013.

Chapter II

You'll recall the hassle I've had with the folks at Reader's Digest. Well, there's more...

Contrary to Brian's optimistic claim that I'd receive the item within a few days, it didn't arrive. What did arrive on 7th January was a letter, dated 4th January 2013, stating "We have despatched this item recently and it is possible that it has simply been delayed on its way to you. I would expect the goods to arrive within two weeks of you receiving this letter..."

Well, I gave them the two weeks, and then another week because of the bad weather, and then another day because I wasn't in the mood for listening to any bullshit excuses. Suffice to say that item still hadn't arrived by this morning so I called them yet again and ended up speaking to Fiona.

Fiona was very helpful. She said that they'd stopped selling books on or just after 4th January and that I wouldn't be getting my item. She avoided accounting for the fact that this meant that the statement in the letter was a bare-faced lie. I asked why they'd not contacted me after their sales-policy change to tell me of the online shop closure issue and to amend the status of my order, she didn't or wouldn't say why I'd heard nothing. She said that I'll get a refund through the post within seven days. Then she said that I could enter a prize-draw for a holiday. Choking back my incredulity I declined, telling her that if they couldn't correctly deliver something as simple as a book, I would hardly trust them to come good with a holiday if I was to win one.

Having put up with incompetence, delaying-tactics, utter rudeness and bare-faced lying from some of the other Customer Service personnel there, I'm hopeful that Fiona will be true to her words. I'm not holding my breath, though. They've got seven days, if I've not got the refund by then I'll get the Visa folk involved.

Meanwhile, one of my relatives is still waiting for a Christmas present.

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One Response to “Indigestion”

  1. BG! says:

    True to form, RD haven't got a refund to me within those seven days. As I suspected, the promise of a cheque was yet another lie.

    I've passed the baton to the Visa and Bank folk. I suspect that they won't like being lied to either.

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