Our Weekend at Buttermere – Part 1

Posted by @ 10:00 am on Wednesday 15th October, 2008.
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Just for once the Friday dash up the M6 wasn't as dull as usual - there were decisions to be made. The usual plan is to leave at J36, head into Keswick then drive through Borrowdale to reach Buttermere via Honister Pass. The weather had been fine until we reached J30, then the heavens opened as per the forecast. Flooding of the road to Keswick was a probability, so I changed the plan - drive right up to J40, then reach Keswick by taking the A66.

After half an hour of battling through spray and dodging artics, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and decided to leave at J36 and to risk any floods, it seemed safer than losing control on the motorway, or being downed by any of the madcap motorway drivers who care only for themselves. A quick call to Buttermere YHA was neccessary to tell them that we would be late, and we were advised that we should approach via the Newlands Valley, as Borrowdale was flooded.

We arrived at about 22:45, after six hours on the road, to find the hostel car-park full. I dropped the others at the hostel then had to park up by the church and carry the gear from there. Brilliant - I was utterly soaked before the weekend had begun. Eventually we were booked in and could get some rest. We slept well that night.

Saturday morning dawned dry and bright with some scattered cloud - there was a wonderful play of light in the valley. After a hearty 3-course breakfast we kitted up and headed to the car, where I couldn't resist taking a couple of pics in the early sunshine:

We were soon on the road, driving along the side of Crummock Water. The kids wanted a photo-stop, so I pulled up at the base of Rannerdale Knotts and got a few pics myself as well:

A bit further along the road I noticed this view in the RVM, it just had to be snapped:

We stopped again at the turning for Thackthwaite:

where we got a closer view of the Loweswater Fells and of an old favourite, Mellbreak:

From there we could see a flat-topped tree and the flooding alongside the River Cocker:

We parked up just beyond Thackthwaite, hoisted our packs and set off up the footpath to the drove-road. Anna set a cracking pace up the grassy slope:

... while the other two girls lagged behind:

... and we stood in the middle, waiting and taking pics, like this one of Broadmoor Hill:

At the start of the drove-road the view opens out towards the Vale of Lorton:

This is the view back down the drove-road, looking towards Buttermere:

Eventually we reached the top of Fellbarrow, where we had lunch, posed for a group photo and enjoyed the views:

... like this one towards Low Fell and the middle of the Lake district:

We headed south and soon reached Low Fell:

which has great views out over Crummock Water :

After a brew we set off towards Watching Crag and the route back to the car:

On the drive back to the hostel, we took heed of the warning-signs:

Back at the hostel it was business as usual - no car-parking space. We had to leave the car on the other side of the village and walk the rest of the way - no great hardship for me, but the kids complained (as you would expect). After watching a glorious sunset we had an excellent evening meal at the hostel before rounding off a fine day with a few drinks at that fine establishment, The Fish.

To be continued...

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2 Responses to “Our Weekend at Buttermere – Part 1”

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Good you got to the hills. Like the photos, and what lens did you use to get the wide shots with?

  2. BG! says:

    Hi Martin
    All these pics were taken with the bog-standard Nikon 18-55mm kit-lens. "Our objectives - The Loweswater Fells" is just a cropped standard pic. "The Vale of Lorton" is a 3-pic stitch and "The view southwards from Fellbarrow" is 5-pic stitch, both done with Autostitch, a highly-recommended powerful freebie available at http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/a.....titch.html

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