What does “incompetent” mean? What does “baffled” mean?

Posted by @ 12:29 am on Thursday 6th September, 2012.
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Yeah, sorry about the post-title. No doubt you all know where it's from.

Anyway, it's clear that at least one Tesco employee is both incompetent and baffled when it comes to using our official language:

Maybe a little education would help?

They may have been playing it fast and loose in the changing-rooms but they were hedging their bets in the Seasonal Goods aisle. Who can blame them for catering for a little latitude in the long-range weather forecast for the run-up to Christmas?

Up the aisle


For good days

 For bad days

For Christmas Days

We didn't find the Easter eggs but I'm sure they must be hidden away somewhere at the back.

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2 Responses to “What does “incompetent” mean? What does “baffled” mean?”

  1. As a sometime DIYer I am impressed with your observatory - you should have had it featured on Grand Designs. You have set me thinking about possible alternative applications for the concept. Anybody got any ideas?

  2. AlanR says:

    The “For bad days snow shovel” on clearance offer at £11.00. Was std purchased by moi from B&Q for £10.00 last year. Every little helps eh!
    My local Tesco car park is always full but when you go in, the store has very few customers. I think they are all in Aldi now.

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