Something for the weekends

Posted by @ 5:05 pm on Monday 11th June, 2012.
Categories: Shiny new kit

This little beauty just arrived for testing and review:


Vango Banshee 300


First pitch should be sometime tomorrow, first proper wildcamping use sometime in June or July, further details to follow.

This item has been supplied by Christoph Hitchen, representing price comparison platform

The idealo site is well-worth a look. Finding what you're interested in is made easy by the filter setup (for example, see here for tents) and for each product there's a neat PriceWatcher widget with a 90-day price history - handy for helping you to decide on the best time to buy and at what price. For instance, here is the page for the Banshee 300, you can clearly see that the best price was a tad over £75 last week compared to about £109.99 today.

And it's not just for outdoors gear. There's more stuff than you could shake a stick at. Go see!

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4 Responses to “Something for the weekends”

  1. Ive had a Banshee 300 for a little over a year now, and I've been using it for the overnighters with the girlfriend. It's a pretty good tent, though if you're more than 6' tall, it's a bit cramped!

    We used it on the west highland way last year, and it worked a treat. Very simple design, easy to put up and take down. Good choice!

  2. BG! says:

    @Grahame Boath - Cheers, Grahame. Is yours the 2-entrance model? If so, does the second entrance have a webbing-strap across it? For the avoidance of doubt, I should probably state that those questions are about your tent, not about your girlfriend 😯

  3. @BG! -

    Mine is the 2010 model, which doesn't have an extra webbing strap... it also doesn't have the cool zippers.

    Also, mine only has a HH of 3000 (not a big deal, really), seems to slope differently, making it a little more restrictive inside. On the plus side... mine has a gear loft and is about 100g lighter! 😉

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