Swabbin’ the decks

Posted by @ 6:07 pm on Thursday 18th September, 2008.
Categories: Just for fun, Site update

Been doing a bit of tidying up:

  • All unused tags (created by an auto-tagging plugin that I used for a while) have been deleted;
  • Quite a few new links have been added to the blogroll dropdowns;
  • Some other bits and bobs have been added to the sidebar;
  • All dead links in posts have been repaired or deleted;
  • Hell, I've even cleaned the screen and removed all of the cookie-crumbs from under the keys!

See you tomorrow, fellow pirates, but only through me one good eye!



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10 Responses to “Swabbin’ the decks”

  1. Kev says:

    Arrr Yarrr Harrr!

    Harr arr yar har?




  2. alan.sloman says:

    This cleaning the keyboard thing - how does that work then??? Mine is full of biscuits, cat hair (Lily likes the laptops keyboard as it is warm) and she dives on it when I leave the office to make a coffee. (OOh - and some coffee too)

  3. BG! says:

    Cleaning the keyboard? The crumbs etc. usually fall victim to a vacuum-cleaner with a small plastic funnel Gaffer-taped to the end of the suction-tube, the beverage-spillages are a job for a cheapo Lidl microfibre towel with a hint of lemon-juice on it.

    Of course, the best way to keep coffee stains off your laptop is to drink ale instead. :mrgreen:

  4. alan.sloman says:

    Cheers Stef - that ale idea is so much better than the vaccuum one. I now need to find the caps lock key from the bowels of the vacuum cleaner.... 🙁

  5. scott says:

    Ian Anderson out of Jethro Tull's wearing well, eh?


  6. Metric Kate says:

    Blimey, Stef, you actually look more normal in your pirate get-up 😉

  7. BG! says:

    Thanks for your kindly words, Bloody Anne McKidd. Now get ye back to scrubbing that poop-deck, or I'll be castin' ye overboard!

  8. Dawn says:

    That will teach you to try 😛 and take on the misses

  9. BG! says:

    Yeah, it wasn't the left-hook that did it, it was the follow-through with the elbow. 😯

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