Billy No-Mates to be fed to the Lions Rampant?

Posted by @ 2:57 pm on Sunday 8th May, 2011.
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you've shamed yourself by publicly branding as a bigot one of the people that you serve...

you've screwed up the country and the voters chucked you out on your arse...

you've tried to form a coalition so as to cling on to power but got rebuffed...

you've tried to become head of the IMF but thankfully didn't get nominated by the current government...

what's your next move?


FFS, the SNP will eat him for breakfast and not bother to spit out the bones.

For Mr. Miliband it's a win-win situation - either Mr. Broon will succeed, hence vindicating the decision, or he will fail and so Labour will be shot of the buffoon for good.

What's left of my money's on Mr. Salmond.

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One Response to “Billy No-Mates to be fed to the Lions Rampant?”

  1. Oldmortality says:

    Don't believe everything you read in the Daily Mail ! Putting Gordo up against Wee Eck would be like feeding buns to an elephant. I'ts a real shame that Robin Cook decided to climb Ben Stack thon day . It was rumoured at the time that he was going to quit Westminster for Hollyrood- how different things might have been. Of the current crop, only Jim Murphy could do a job, but he has ambitions in the big pond.

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