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Posted by @ 2:37 pm on Tuesday 16th September, 2008.
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Spurred on by our efforts to use a tarp to extend the comfy space around our tents while site-camping on holiday, and frustrated by the scarcity of Exped Arc Tarps on the market, yesterday saw the acquisition of a new bit of kit - a Khyam Atrium, which is in the current Yeomans sale at £20 below RRP.

It's a tent extension/porch/canopy affair with webbing straps and an elasticated and toggled drawcord to allow a neat and secure fit over the openings of most small/medium tents, and the poles are adjusted for height/width by means of a tension-band system between the pole-ends. If that's not enough versatility, the "middle" pole is adjustable in length so that you can get the height/width just as you want it. There are plenty of guying and pegging options, and, as you can see, there's plenty of room under it:


2 pics above: width = 3.5m, height = 1.5m


2 pics above: width = 2.8m, height = 1.8m


Above: pole-end spacing = 1.5m


Above: elasticated and toggled drawcord etc..

Above: length-adjustable pole.


Specs from the Khyam website:

Poles: Fibreglass - 9.5mm

Flysheet: Polyester 185T - 68D / 5000mm - Flame-Retardant - Taped seams

Height: Adjustable

Weight: 3.9kg

Dimensions: As the Atrium is fully adjustable it is not possible to list or show all dimensions.

Packed size: 64x12x12cms

Colour Options: Castle Rock / Paloma

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8 Responses to “Extended coverage”

  1. john hee says:

    Blimey - sure you've not convered your kite? Guess you'll find out when the wind gusts

  2. BG! says:

    LOL, JH!

    It's a lot of coverage and convenience for under £30, the list of potential uses is growing by the day: beach-tent, astro-observing shelter, multi-user tarp...

  3. D Kan says:

    Hello BG,

    I found this page very informative, thanks, as I have a Khyam Freelander tent, and recently bought a Atrium with the intention of fitting it over the tent door to minimise the risk of rain getting into the tent if the door is not closed properly.

    However, I struggle to work out how to attach the Atrium to the Freelander, which is a dome tent.

    Khyam is not providing any online support, and I have not been able to find any information elsewhere.

    On the Outdoormega store site where I bought the Atrium, it mentions using a porch pole to attach it to a dome tent. I have contacted them for advice, however, my e-mail server is down at present.

    Hence I thought about asking you for advice via here instead.

    I hope you can help me and thanks in advance.



  4. BG! says:

    Hi DK

    Sorry about the delayed reply - we've been away for a week.

    The blurb about using a porch pole for attachment... I reckon that you'd need a tent where the porch is supported by an arched pole - something like the Khyam Highlander or the Igloo - and that you'd tighten the elasticated/drawcorded end of the Atrium over that porch pole. I can't see how it would work with a Khyam Freelander.

  5. Hi BG... I really enjoy reading this post.. I found it really informative.. Thanks a lot

  6. elle says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks a heap for putting this report up online. There's so little info for these online from real users. I was really surprised at how how high it looks. I've been toying with the idea of an atrium or going down the tarp path but I'm still on the fence. Have you experienced any water logging problems around the elasticated area when it is attached to you tent? I'd love to find out how you have got on using it and whether at any point whilst putting it to the camping test you experienced any taking off action from the Atrium 😛

  7. BG! says:

    @elle - My Atrium's yet to see any serious action, Elle. It's been pitched in the garden a few times but that's about it. Sorry that I can't be more helpful at the moment, maybe I'll have more to report after using it this summer.

  8. Great article. I need this tent! would be great for the beach for example, easy to build and affordable.
    Thanks for the post (there is no much information about this matter on the web, so please keep posting information)

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