No opinion of his own

Posted by @ 9:41 pm on Wednesday 26th January, 2011.

Further to my post-election rant, here's a new prime example of why I won't ever vote for my MP.  He's just not capable of ever giving his own opinion, he always relays back the opinions of others. He used the same spineless tactic when I emailed him about the wildcamping petition.

How he can claim to properly represent his constituents I'll never know. FFS, he can't even represent himself:


I long for the day when we have an electoral system that will allow us to vote them out as well as in:

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4 Responses to “No opinion of his own”

  1. Scott says:

    I think the country's very nearly at a tipping point. The coalition seemed to manage to calm economic panic and potential civil unrest for a few months after they got in because they actually looked to be doing something "positive" - even if you disagreed with them, they appeared to be trying.

    That was clearly a temporary state of affairs. Given what the Bank of England are saying today about how things are going to deteriorate from now on, I reckon it won't be all that long before it's no' just the students that think direct action may be required. All it takes is for one particular issue to grind yer gears enough that it puts you over the edge. Nae money will do it for many - forest pillaging might be the key for others.

    None of that was meant to detract from the inherent uselessness of your MP, of course.


  2. BG! says:

    Oh, I think we're beyond the tipping point, or at least there's nothing to stop it happening - the see-saw is in motion and its momentum will take it past the horizontal. Some of the cuts are good ideas, others just seem to be done out of spite and without obvious significant financial benefit. Maybe it's a cunning plan to leave things in an even worse state for the next Labour government... "you left us nowt, we're leaving you nowt to cut".

    Sadly, we're into the 24th consecutive year of my MP's inherent uselessness. It's a shame he didn't win Cardiff South and Penarth back in '83 and stay there for his tenure.

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  4. BG! says:

    I should add that I've not actually emailed my MP about this matter. I mean, based on his previous "form", what's the point?

    The screenshot in the post shows his response to somebody else. Sorry if I've misled anyone.

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