Posted by @ 8:20 pm on Monday 27th December, 2010.
Categories: A bit of a rant

11:40–13:40 EastEnders Omnibus Part 1: Will Max and Ryan be able to save Stacey as Janine carries out her final act of revenge?

13:55–15:25 EastEnders Omnibus Part 2: Will Max and Ryan be able to save Stacey as Janine carries out her final act of revenge?

20:00–20:30 EastEnders 27/12/2010: Jean struggles to cope without Stacey, while Pat turns her back on Janine for good.

FFS, that's 4 hours out of 8 hours & 50 minutes of Bank Holiday broadcasting. Why don't they just cut to the chase, rename the channel "EastEnders Broadcasting Channel 1" and have done with it? At least I'd know that I'd never need to look there again in search of anything decent to watch.

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4 Responses to “EBC1”

  1. Martin Rye says:

    I stopped watching it about two episodes after it came out. I doubt I have missed much.

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Martin Rye
    I stopped watching it about two episodes after it came out.

    Me too.
    I've often wondered if our northern brethren have to suffer their own version on BBC Alba... EastLothianers, perhaps? 🙄

    (waves to the lurking Fraser)

  3. Maz says:

    Stop whinging - it's not like you have to pay for it. Wait, hold on a second...

  4. alan.sloman says:

    It seems to me that our Aunty Beeb need a bit of a shake up. It seems to be driven by London-centric Arts luvvies who as long as they get their quota of late night shows with their mates slapping each other's backs they don't mind what toss is put out. If it's East Enders or Bargain Hunt or whatever they really don't care as they are seen to be sticking to their remit of "television for all".

    The Beeb used to be an organisation where the public good was taken into account when choosing what programmes were to be made. Because they now have so many TV stations (why do we need 4 Beeb channels?) we are are fed a diet of second rate cheap-to-make crap. Why don't we get back to two channels on telly, four radio stations and concentrate once more on high quality output?


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