Posted by @ 4:48 pm on Monday 29th November, 2010.

Just hopping onto the bandwagon that started out as Maz's "My First Aid Kit" blog-post...


So, what's in the totally-waterproof 1litre Soup 'n Sauce bag?

  • 1 x adhesive dressing 6.5 x 8 cm
  • 8 x Ibuprofen 200mg liquid capsules
  • 1 x sheet various peel & stick foam pads
  • 1 x Care Plus tick-remover
  • 1 x Witch Stick 10g
  • 2 x packs Spenco 2nd Skin
  • 1 x sheet Scholl Pressure Point foam padding
  • 1 x finger bandage
  • 6 x Paracetamol 500mg tablets
  • 1 x Brix toothpick (should be 5 x)
  • 1 x precision tweezers
  • 1 x tube Cetrimide Cream 15g
  • 1 x SPF15 chap-stick
  • 1 x sheet Scholl Sore Spot peel & stick thin moleskin 7.5 x 10 cm
  • 1 x surgical scissors
  • 2 x spare CR2032 batteries
  • 1 x gauze bandage 6 x 500 cm
  • 1 x sachet BurnAid burn gel
  • 1 x roll zinc oxide strapping 5 x 500 cm
  • 1 x tube cold-sore cream 2g
  • 4 x antiseptic wipes (should be 10 x)
  • 1 x roll Micropore tape 10mm wide (almost used up, needs replacing)
  • 4 x insect-repellant wipes (should be 10 x)
  • 1 x box 45 waterproof safety matches
  • 3 x Melolin dry dressings 5 x 5 cm
  • 1 x quick-fix eye-pad
  • 10 x various standard fabric plasters
  • 10 x various waterproof plasters
  • 1 x crepe bandage 5 x 400 cm
  • 1 x strip uncut standard fabric plaster 6 x 50 cm
  • 1 x patch peel & stick thick moleskin
  • 1 x double-sided non-adherent wound pad 5 x 5 cm

And what's missing that's usually there but isn't?

  • 1 x tube Superglue (for suturing)
  • 1 x sterile scalpel blade
  • 1 x tube temporary dental filling
  • 2 x kirby grips (bobby pins)

Total weight when fully-stocked, including the bag, is 360g. Ok, so it's a bit heavy when compared to some of the lightweight versions out there, but bear in mind that I carry this kit whether I'm walking solo or in a group. Some of the tiny kits are obviously for solo use only, mine has to cope with the demands of a family with kids.

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7 Responses to “F.A.K.”

  1. AlanR says:

    I know a first aid kit is just that but wow that’s amazingly similar to mine. I didn’t include the 2 batteries in mine which i do take for my head torch. The superglue i never thought off including, but thats an idea i will pinch. Thanks for that.

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Alan
    The superglue i never thought off including, but thats an idea i will pinch. Thanks for that.

    Be sure to bear in mind that using superglue for keeping wounds closed can involve significant pain if the stuff gets inside. It's recommended that it's "wiped" over the top of the held-closed wound so that it works in a similar manner to butterfly stitches. You can get proper medical superglue if it's only for first-aid use. Best be genned-up on how to do it properly before endeavouring to be heroic - use it incorrectly and the wound will look ugly when it heals.

  3. AlanR says:

    Thanks for the info BG.
    Lets hope i will never need to use it.

  4. Colonel Blimp says:

    That's a very impressive F.A.K, but do you know how to use everything...?!

  5. BG! says:

    Hi Andy, long time no see. Hope you're well.

    I trained at the Eric Morecambe School of First Aid - I apply all the right dressings and treatments, but not necessarily in the right order...


  6. Colonel Blimp says:

    @BG! -

    Hey Stef, I'm good, thanks. I think the E.M. way is the best!

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