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So what if Budgens is selling squirrel-meat? Grey squirrels are generally unwanted, regarded as vermin, and very tasty. Pretty much in the same league as rabbits, I'd say. Seems like this situation is being regarded as just another band-wagon for the whingers to climb onto. Grey squirrels aren't endangered, they're an introduced nuisance. FFS, it's not as if Budgens is selling Red Kite, Scottish Wildcat or Bechstein's Bat.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not anti-veggie. I have many veggie/vegan friends and a veggie wife, and we never quarrel about our different views. After all, being an omnivore is a natural thing, that's why we have canine teeth AND molars, isn't it?

But it's a life-choice and we're all entitled to make our own such decisions without recrimination. Eschew meat if you wish, that's fine, I don't have any problem with that, but there's no need to get shirty with others because they have more varied diets or the good business sense to provide for them.

Here's a thought... tonight the omnivores in our house will be dining on a humanely-shot wild rabbit, it's dead now and it'll still be dead when I start to cook it and when we eat it. The same can't be said of the fresh vegetables that will be boiled alive to go with it, or of the fruit that will be eaten alive for afters. Is being a meat-eater really an inhumane thing?


Mmmm... tasty!

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