Self-Assessment 2009

Posted by @ 7:30 pm on Saturday 2nd January, 2010.

In my first post of 2009 I set out a few objectives. Well, that year's done and dusted so it's time for a reality-check.

Here's the list again...


1a. More actually getting out and doing "stuff"
1b. Less talking about getting out and doing "stuff"

I reckon I did about the same amount of "doing" as I usually do in an average year, but you're no doubt relieved that I didn't waffle on about it too much. Yeah, that's right - I don't tell you everything. Mind you, this is WordPress, not Twitter.


2a. More "pushing the envelope"
2b. Less "comfort zone" dossing

Having had a relatively high injury-rate last year, I had to be content with just licking the envelope. Fellwalking with injury or in the post-recovery stage was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was hardly what you'd call dossing.


3a. More meaningful blogging
3b. Less blogging of drivel

You lot can be the judges of that. The total number of posts for 2009 is 145, way less than the 215 totals for 2008 and 2007. Exactly how many of those 145 posts are drivel is a moot point.


4a. More gear-testing
4b. Less gear-envy

I didn't test anything new, apart from the Argos tent. I managed to fight off the urge to acquire a NeoAir, but the attraction of an updated Scarp 2 is still there. - hopefully Henry Shires will eventually get around to making one. As for the envy factor, there's very little kit out there that I've looked at and thought "that's a must-have item". If I'm envious about anything, it's the abundance of hill-time that others seem to have.

Actually, I've just lied to you about the envy thing. Truth be told, I'd like one of these.


5a. More improvement in use of the camera
5b. Less "missing the moment" while faffing with settings

I feel that I've done better with the camera, this being helped by the acquisition of the new lens. That said, I did faff with the settings while in Brum and therefore ballsed-up some potentially-good night-shots.


6a. More time out with the scope
6b. Less time-wasting while faffing with settings

Did well at this. Having the observatory up-and-running has helped a lot.


7a. More progress with astrophotography
7b. Less set-up time

I got my first images of Mars late on in 2009, but still managed to miss all of the major meteor showers due to unsuitable weather. On the bright side, there'll be some new kit here in time for the next closest approach of Mars on 27th January 2010 - this should enable me to make some major improvements.


8a. More Wainwrights
8b. Less use of traditional routes

Yep, did some more Wainwrights, but only seven "new" ones - nowhere near as many as I'd have liked to have done. Current tally is 180 out of 214. Tried hard to plough a different furrow, but had limited success. The solo ascent of the West Face of Ullscarf was fun, though!


9a. More local walking
9b. Less hiding behind the laptop

I failed miserably on this one. Had a few local walks but nothing special. That said, there were so many other things that kept me away from the countryside and the laptop.


10a. And, thanks to George, more data-storage, and hence
10b. less dross on the internal HDD

The huge USB HDD is excellent - how I managed without one for so long is a mystery that I'll never figure out.


So there you go - 2009 in a nutshell. More or less.

But what of 2010?

I reckon I'll stick to the same objectives, and try to do much better.


Whatever plans you have for your New Year, I wish you the very best of luck.

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2 Responses to “Self-Assessment 2009”

  1. Martin Rye says:

    More Wainwrights is a sound thing. Be nice to do some in all that snow.

  2. BG! says:

    Yes indeed - I've a notion to get up there before the month is out, probably up Patterdale way. I've had the gear packed and ready since November but haven't found an opportunity to get away.

    No doubt all of the snow will melt the day before I get there!

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