Nope, it’s not me.

Posted by @ 4:06 pm on Thursday 6th March, 2008.
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Just a quick post to let all those nice peeps in this OM thread know that I'm NOT Urc Oxbig, nor am I his brother Mike. I'm sure that Jon Doran would be able to verify this by having his tech-team compare IP addresses, should anybody have need of such reassurances.

Hopefully the folk on OM know that if I'm going to have a pop at anybody, I'll use a recognised pseudonym, or even my proper name. Somebody did copy one of my pseudonyms a while back, to try to drop me in the shite, there was little that I could do about that except explain the situation to the affected parties.

BG! / Bearded Git / Stef (

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8 Responses to “Nope, it’s not me.”

  1. Context? I thought the emoticon labelled "twisted" said all I needed to say on a thread I saw at about post 5 and vowed to ignore.

    I find it "twisted" that people prefer one form of virtual communication to another form of virtual communication with the vehemence of some people. I wonder if the world of calligraphy suffers such?

    But I wasn't going to say any of that, as I'd get drawn into a war of semantics and defending every semi-colon. Without the tact of a Pascal editor.

    So, I'll sum all that up thus:


  2. BG! says:

    You'll find no wars here, my friend. Effective moderation has benefits.

  3. BG! says:

    [quote comment="1563"]I've only just got "Mike Oxbig". 😆 [/quote]

    Rumour has it that he's "teamed up" with Annie Norma Spare. 😯

  4. Scott says:


    There was - genuinely - a guy at my primary school called Willie Inch. Poor soul. Good troll name though, eh?

  5. BG! says:

    He must have had cruel parents ❗

    At this point, maybe I should mention that my wife has a brother named Richard and a cousin named Ivor. The surname's Payne... 😐

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