Frank Barrett: A Study in Self-Importance

Posted by @ 5:01 pm on Friday 7th July, 2017.

I was polite when I asked him to move it, as it had obstructed me getting in forwards and I was to be reversing out almost straight away.

But he said that he was only going to move it when he was good and ready, maintaining that his car was parked fine and wasn't in the way at all.

I tried to explain again but he was having none of it, he was too self-important, he said that I was in the wrong and that I must wait until he was finished!

And so it all kicked off. I'm nobody's inferior and I don't take that sort of shit from anybody. He'd lit the blue touch-paper.

I'll spare you the details but he was as good at being an offensive idiot as I was at being sure of my rights, which I know inside-out as I have to deal with this sort of malarkey almost every day.

I'm told that he phoned soon after to apologise for how he'd parked his car. But of course he was apologising to my neighbour, not to me.

Stuck-up idiot - can't park properly, can't apologise properly:

See - there was plenty of "safe" vacant space around the Close. There was even space for his car on the driveway of the neighbour who he was visiting.

But currently he's the President of the local bowling club, and apparently that means that he also owns the local roads and is answerable to nobody.

They say that there's no such thing as bad publicity, so...

here he is, showing off his medals:

Let's hope they weren't awarded for parking like a tw@t.

This post will only be taken down after I get a direct apology. A passed-on second-hand apology won't cut it.

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5 Responses to “Frank Barrett: A Study in Self-Importance”

  1. Dave says:

    You should have said at the beginning that he is president of the local bowling club, then at least I could have done him the due deference of standing to attention while I read about him and his parking.

    Now I feel as if I need to apologise...

  2. BG! says:

    @Dave -

    Silence in the ranks, or we'll all be up on a charge!


  3. BG! says:

    Now, there may be an innocent explanation for this, but since the incident I've had one cold-text and nine cold-calls to my mobile, all from Anglian Home Improvements. Before those, I'd had only two others over a period of about three years.

    Go figure.

  4. Glen Rayner says:

    @BG! - I can recommend a free app called HIYA, it has a database of spammers and telemarketeers which it will block automatically . You can then add your own blocks and report new spammers to HIYA if you are so-inclined. It will also do a reverse lookup of caling numbers and tell you who they are in some cases.

  5. BG! says:

    I answered the next call from Anglian, the caller wasn't cold-calling but was responding to a bona fide online contact request which included my mobile number.
    She couldn't tell me who submitted my number, due to the DPA, but she could tell me when my mobile number was presented to their system. It turns out that it was presented yesterday morning. For me, that's too much of a coincidence. She has kindly removed the record of my number, and the calls have stopped.

    Glen, I'll have a look at that app. Thanks.

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