All shook up

Posted by @ 10:20 am on Friday 17th February, 2017.

When me and my Dad say goodbye to each other we generally shake hands, it's what we do now that he finds embracing too uncomfortable. It works for us.

During my regular visits to the hospital I usually run into a few of the patients who were fellow inmates a year back, we usually shake hands too, it's a sign not just of friendship but also of us having been through so much shite together. And also because hands are the best bet for contact points due to us all having to do the hygiene routine every time we visit - using the hand-gel dispensers is so ingrained that it's a tad like turning Buddhist prayer-wheels, you can't pass one by without having a go. The one exception is my good friend and fellow patient Nick, A.K.A. "Quaver Nick", he likes to do hugs. Mind you, he does bowl from the pavilion end...

But just lately the hand-shaking thing has gone to a new level. A couple of days ago the postman wanted to shake my hand after delivering a parcel, I thought it was unusual but I went with it. And last night at the posh Italian restaurant in town the head waiter went for the handshake when we arrived... and again on the way out... then the head chef wanted a go... by that time I was in full flow so the junior waiter standing by the door got one too.

What's going on? Has the world gone Über-polite while I've not been paying attention? Have I become an unwitting minor celebrity?

Or am I turning into...


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4 Responses to “All shook up”

  1. Lol! This gave me a right good giggle. I'd forgotten about Mr Shakey Hands Man!

    Out here in Penang it's "Selfie" culture that's gone bonkers. On yesterday's walk I ended up having to pose with no less than 4 separate strangers (from 3 different groups) for a "Selfie". Why so many Malaysian hikers would ever want to take a "Selfie" with a random sweaty bearded white guy in the jungle I'll never know?

  2. Glen Rayner says:

    Reminds me of "Boys from the Blackstuff".

  3. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Sandy Taboureau (Bigbananafeet)
    Why so many Malaysian hikers would ever want to take a "Selfie" with a random sweaty bearded white guy in the jungle I'll never know?

    Maybe they're mistaking you for a world-renowned naturalist such as David Bellamy or Mark O’Shea...
    Or maybe a world-renowned bird-man such as Bill Oddie or Brian Blessed.

  4. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Glen Rayner
    Reminds me of "Boys from the Blackstuff".

    Yosser: "Gizza job!"
    DHSS: "Ok. Are you any good with horses? Our Middle-earth Office has a vacancy for a short-term post as Lord of the Mark, King of Rohan. You'll have to relocate though."

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