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Posted by on December 8th 2010 in Great Escapes, Pics, Weather

A few days and nights of freezing fog has given our area an appealing makeover, so yesterday I spend an hour or so out with the camera.

Burbage Common was the venue. As you can see we've not had much snow, most of the white crunchy stuff is frost.

The pics are clickable if you want to see bigger versions.

A window in the weather?

Posted by on December 7th 2010 in Great Escapes, Weather

A temporary respite from the widespread sub-zero conditions is forecast for the weekend.

Coniston beckons.

A small group of (fool?)hardy folk is planning to answer the call, all we need is a clear route there and back.

And beer-money, of course.

Couldn’t have timed it better

Posted by on October 15th 2010 in Great Escapes, Weather

We're off to Buttermere sometime next week for a couple of days of walking.

The Met Office is predicting snow.

The MWIS prediction is similar.



Posted by on April 20th 2010 in In the News, Maps, Weather

It's interesting watching the plane icons looping-the-loop over at - there are only two in the air in our airspace right now, and they've been going around and around for ages. It reminds me of Die Hard 2...

Here's BAW84 at 19:26. After a few more loops above the IOM, it went to Dublin but got turned away. After a wander across the mainland UK it eventually went off the screen at London:

And here's BAW284 at 19:26, spending nearly two hours circling above the west coast of Ireland...

and again, over 1.5 hours later, eventually reaching London after six loops above Ireland:

All this was happening before the UK airports were allowed to open. It's taking a big chance, crossing the Atlantic when there's no assurance of being allowed to land. Maybe they were confident that Bruce Willis would turn up and save the day 🙄

I’m dreaming of a White… Easter

Posted by on March 27th 2010 in Great Escapes, Weather

Yup, according to MWIS and other sources, the cold white stuff is forecast to fall far and wide during the next week and over Easter.

It's just pure luck that two months ago we booked a couple of family-rooms at Windermere YHA for next weekend. Jammy, eh?

Should be fun. At least the choccy eggs won't melt 😎

A traveller through the fields

Posted by on January 10th 2010 in In the garden, Pics, Weather

We have a couple of families of Song Thrushes in our garden all year, they're always pottering about on the ground, hunting snails and thrashing them against stones to get to their juicy innards.

In times of lasting snow-cover, however, their relatives come to visit, and they come in flocks of 20 or so. The hassle of hopping around looking for ground-based meals is not for them - they're a lot more acrobatic and they use this talent to raid whatever they can find in the fruit-trees...


The visitors are mainly Fieldfares, although there are a few Redwings tagging along.

All three species mentioned are on the RSPB Red List, and all three belong to the same genus: Turdus.

It seems a shame that these likeable little birds have been given such a crappy-sounding Latin moniker.

0.5 mph

Posted by on January 9th 2010 in Pics, Rambling on..., Shiny new kit, Weather

Geoff called in on Wednesday, he had no work on but couldn't stay at his place because his wife was working from home due to the snow. By strange chance, I was in the same boat, but I aced him by virtue of the fact that my girls were both off school due to snivelly colds, AND Chris was working from home due to the snow.

After a cuppa we both managed to "remember" that we had parcels that needed taking to the post office. Rather too conveniently I was then asked to buy and deliver a paper for the Outlaws and to return with some milk. Naturally, I grabbed the chance to get some fresh air and to try out the new Quechua Bionnassay Trousers that Chris gave to me for Christmas.

We only did a short loop around the village, but after delivering the paper and sending the mail we got sidetracked and somehow ended up in The Anchor. We managed to take four hours to walk the loop, which is less than a couple of miles. Now how did that happen?

Of course, there are some mandatory clickable snow-based pics...






As you can see, we've not had much snow here although there are places within ten miles where they've had over ten times as much.

As for the new trews, they were great. I'll concoct some sort of initial review after a few more days of use.

We need a go, no-go for launch

Posted by on November 30th 2009 in Fundraising Folk, Great Escapes, In the News, Weather

There's snow on them there Cumbrian Fells and the winter gear's prepped and ready for the off when the opportunity arises.

But there's a dilemma. Something twisting in my mind that I've got to get straightened out before I can commit to another visit...

During the current post-flooding clean-up and repair operation, would my going be a drain on the resources of the area or would it help to contribute to the local economy?

Just getting there could be a strain on the transport infrastructure, what with the trashed roads and unsafe bridges that are the focus of repair gangs and the Army. I'd planned to stay at one of the YHA hostels and maybe eat and drink out, but I can't see that much of the spend would benefit those who are in most need. Besides, I'm sure that the LDSAMRA would have better things to do than to chug up a hill to stretcher me down if the need arose. They're all volunteers from the local community, they've been involved as rescuers during the recent disaster and no doubt they all know somebody who's suffered because of the deluge. I don't want to be a potential distraction while they deal with the aftermath of the floods.

Maybe the best thing for me to do is to stay away for a while and let them concentrate on getting the basics sorted out. In the meantime, a contribution to the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund via The Cumbria Community Foundation website or to the Cumbria Flood Appeal 2009 via The Wainwright Society's website would seem to be the best way to ensure that help gets to the folk that need it. John Hee recommends supporting MREW's Basecamp, more details here.

The people and places of Cumbria have given me much joy over the many years that I've been going there.

It's time to give something back.

Gotta get me some of this stuff

Posted by on November 25th 2009 in Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), Weather

I suspect that they'll have sold out already up in the Lake District...



A sign of things to come

Posted by on November 15th 2009 in Great Escapes, Just for fun, Pics, Weather, YHA

They said that we would have heavy rainfall, but I didn't expect this:


Expect a trip report sometime after I've dried the rest of the kit.

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