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Easter Around Eskdale – Part 3

Posted by on May 4th 2012 in Great Escapes, YHA

Wednesday was supposed to be grim all day all over the UK according to some sources. Not exactly the best weather for the journey home but it had to be done.

Was it grim in the Lakes?



Wrynose Pass from Hardknott Roman Fort (Mediobogdum).


The Granaries.


An airy platform overlooking the Esk valley.



Snowy fells around Great Moss - a stitched panorama.


Looking over Brotherilkeld and Taw House towards Wha House.



The north-western wall.


The Scafell group from Hardknott Fort.


Looking back at the Fort from the top of Hardknott Pass.


 Wrynose Bottom and Cockley Beck from the top of Hardknott Pass.


The Seathwaite Fells from the top of Hardknott Pass.

Wrynose Bottom from the top of Wrynose Pass.


Little Langdale from the top of Wrynose Pass.


The sun even stayed out while we went shopping in Windermere. It was a glorious morning. To be fair, it did start raining as soon as we hit the M6 and it was crap all the way home and all night thereafter. By then, we didn't much care. We'd had a great time, we'd nabbed another Wainwright (only six left for me to do now), we'd been to the seaside, we'd driven along one of the best stretches of road in the UK (twice... again), we'd had one wet day that we enjoyed anyway, we'd had good weather when others were having worse, and we'd stayed at a really pleasant hostel with helpful and caring staff. We couldn't really ask for more.

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