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Common sense prevails

Posted by on February 17th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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This be brilliant news: Victory! Fire the cannons! Government t' scrap plans t' sell our forests.

Thanks t' all o' ye that supported the protests an' the petitions.

Well done!

Remember why they stand

Posted by on February 15th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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 "Through God's good grace, through strength o' English Oak
We have preserved our faith, our throne, our land.
Now wi' our freedom saved from tyrant's yoke
We plant these trees. Remember why they stand."


Plaque at Bradgate Park


Some o' these trees have stood since 1946, accessible t' the public an' survivin' many storms an' governments.
It's just plain wrong fer the current government t' even consider sellin' off land bearin' treasures like these.
The petition t' stop the immoral sale needs more support - please encourage everyone ye know t' sign up t' the cause.
Click Here.

Half A Million!

Posted by on February 11th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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That's a fair wedge o' folk that want the Government t' leave our forests alone.



If ye've nae signed up yet, click the etchin' above an' get on wi' it - 'tis a doddle!


Posted by on February 3rd 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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Yep, believe it or nae 2011 be the UN's International Year o' Forests. Not that anybody's told Caroline Spelman an' 'er bosses.



Have just a scan-read o' the IYOF website an' ye'll find that "The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year o' Forests t' raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation an' sustainable development o' all types o' forests". An' swab the deck! Their tagline be "Celebratin' Forests fer People".

Delve a little deeper an' ye'll find the 2010 Report o' the Secretary-General on Preparations fer Forests 2011, a Report o' the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It's a long document that I dern't expect ye'll go out o' yer way t' read, so I've pulled a few choice tit-bits fer ye:

"The International Year o' Forests, 2011 offers a unique opportunity t' raise public awareness o' the challenges facin' many o' the world’s forests an' the scallywags who depend on 'em. We be off the edge o' the chart, me hearties! Stow that bilge, Bos'n! Great success stories an' valuable lessons on how t' promote sustainable forest management already exist. Prepare t' be boarded! The Year provides a means o' bringin' them there voices together an' buildin' momentum towards greater public participation in forest activities around the world."

"Forest spokespersons or messengers: The secretariat o' the United Nations Forum on Forests be currently identifyin' individuals who can use their leadership or celebrity status t' generate media attention an' help t' raise awareness an' support fer forests. These ambassadors-at-large be bein' sought from around the world an' would be invited t' travel t' public events t' promote the International Year o' Forests, 2011 an' mobilize action fer forests."

There be some recommendations:

"Further encourage Member States t' promote awareness o' challenges an' success stories related t' implementin' sustainable forest management at the national level."

"Promote observance o' the Year nae as an isolated event but as part o' a continuin' process o' advocacy an' partnership t' foster greater awareness an' action towards sustainable forest management at all levels."

There be even some dates fer yer diary:

The European Union Forest Directors-General meetin' be expected t' be held in Poland in November 2011

The European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) plans t' organize its twelfth meetin' in 2011

The Sixth Ministerial Conference on the Protection o' Forests in Europe will be convened in Oslo from 14 t' 16 June 2011. High on the agenda will be the elaboration o' a strengthened policy framework fer sustainable forest management throughout Europe.


All this does make me think that our Government be lost in the woods. Yaaarrrrr, avast! Seein' how 'tis stance be so at odds wi' the IYOF credo, I'm beginnin' t' think that even our membership o' the UN might be considered superfluous by our leaders.

There's still time t' take action t' stop the madness here - sign the petition an' badger yer MP.

If you go down to the woods today…

Posted by on January 26th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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... cherish the experience as best ye can - it might well be one o' the last times ye get t' do it.



In case ye've missed the news, the Government be plannin' t' sell all o' England's national forests (see here).

There were times when the Tories were in favour o' trees. Remember "Plant a Tree in '73"? Have ye seen the size o' the cabin-boy's hornpipe? As recently as last month they were promotin' "The Big Tree Plant", by Davy Jones' locker. Now it seems that they've done a U-turn as tight as the one in the photo above.

Thankfully there be great opposition t' the sell-off. A YouGov poll found that 84% o' the British public agree that woods an' forests should be kept in public ownership fer future generations (see here). Protests be planned. Battle-lines be bein' drawn up, by Davy Jones' locker. Celebrities an' leadin' figures be callin' fer the Government t' reverse the decision t' flog our logs an' the land under 'em (see here).

There's an online petition too, it currently has 240,863 signatories. It needs more. Please sign up yourself an' get others t' do so, pass the grog! I'll cost ye nothin' more than a few minutes t' help t' save what should be retained an' nurtured forever.

Posters etc. be available, click the followin' etchin' t' get access t' downloadable resources:


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