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Posted by on August 28th 2009 in In the garden
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A couple of weeks ago our large Salix babylonica decided to dump an eight-foot long by one-foot dia chunk of rotten wood on the lawn. For safety's sake we had to put the garden out-of-bounds for a while until the experts had had a look at the thing. They recommended pollarding to reduce the weight, remove any deadwood and reduce the "sail".

Yesterday their crew turned up to do the deed...

That's a serious bit of trimming, eh?

Shire! Baggins!

Posted by on August 27th 2008 in Pics


Hiding from the Black Rider

Totally barking

Posted by on December 1st 2007 in Pics, Rambling on...
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I'm not one of those weird tree-huggers, but I will admit to fondling my wood now and again.

Just a few pics of our willow tree, taken this afternoon as the sun was lowering.






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