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No comprende

Posted by on February 6th 2017 in Bargains

I'm starting to believe that I'll never understand Tesco's pricing strategy:


Suffice to say that we bought the six-packs.

Phew, that’s a relief!

Posted by on May 23rd 2013 in Just for fun

I tell you, those boffins at Tesco think of everything!



And to think that, until I saw the label, I'd been worried sick about having to driving home while holding the stuff in cupped hands.


Flag of Convenience Food

Posted by on April 10th 2013 in A bit of a rant

Given the option, we like to buy British produce. Not only to support our own economy, but also because, in theory, the produce has less of a transport carbon-footprint.

At Jack Cohen's Emporium in Coventry they like to promote British produce by splashing a Union Flag logo and "Season's best" across the price-runners. 

It's been an ongoing disappointment, therefore, to find that their "British" Potatoes...



 are actually from France...



their "British" Kale...



 is actually from Spain...



and their "British" Tenderstem Broccoli...



 is actually from Kenya:



It's not only the Coventry store that's pulling this stunt. Here's what Hinckley have to offer today:


"British" spuds...



from Egypt!



This is misleading advertising, I've had words about it with the stores' staff several times over the last few months but they do nowt about it.

Today I was compelled to have words with the stores' bosses and with the ASA.

Me? Picky?

You bet!


What does “incompetent” mean? What does “baffled” mean?

Posted by on September 6th 2012 in LMAO!

Yeah, sorry about the post-title. No doubt you all know where it's from.

Anyway, it's clear that at least one Tesco employee is both incompetent and baffled when it comes to using our official language:


Maybe a little education would help?


They may have been playing it fast and loose in the changing-rooms but they were hedging their bets in the Seasonal Goods aisle. Who can blame them for catering for a little latitude in the long-range weather forecast for the run-up to Christmas? 


Up the aisle


For good days


 For bad days


For Christmas Days


We didn't find the Easter eggs but I'm sure they must be hidden away somewhere at the back.

Not for me, thanks

Posted by on March 16th 2012 in Just for fun, Lost in translation

I suppose it's a matter of taste, but I'll be reviewing my policy on foreign foods...




Thanks to Geoff for the pic.

You could get life for that!

Posted by on February 19th 2010 in Discounts
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While we're on the subject of YHA(E&W)/SYHA, did you know that both organisations are now accepting Tesco Vouchers as payment? Aside from being accepted for hostel stays (confirmed for YHA(E&W), not sure about SYHA), they are good for membership payments too. This means that Life Memberships can now be got for the points-equivalent of £52.50 (YHA(E&W)) or an incredible £22.50 (SYHA) during the current 4:1 voucher/points exchange rate period (and based on current membership prices).

£22.50's a steal.


Say what?

Posted by on May 21st 2009 in Just for fun, Lost in translation

Sometimes things just don't make sense...


Somebody failed their GCSE Maths


You might well be able to squash them in, but I doubt that you'd manage to get the lids on.

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