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Posted by on June 26th 2008 in Blog on Site

I just clicked on the "Syrup" link in the footer of this blog, to keep up with current events there.

Imagine my surprise to get the following message:

You have been blacklisted from the website for spamming.

That's curious. All I've done is submit a couple of constructive comments and asked a few questions about the theme. Nick's responses have all been fine.

It's got to be an error unless my site's been hacked/hijacked, but I can't contact Nick Berlette (the theme's author) to discuss this matter, as I can't access his contact page due to the ban.

Hmm. I'm a bit stuck here.

Nick, if you're reading this, please whitelist me, or at least let me know why I'm blacklisted, as I've no idea what I've done wrong.


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