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Observing Report 26th-27th May 2013 (The Great Eye)

Posted by on June 4th 2013 in Astrostuff, Observing Reports, Pics

It had been a while since I'd pointed the scope at the Moon.

These pics show my favourite phase - 2-3 days past full - when the terminator runs down the eastern limb and highlights a string of craters and maria.

Here's Mare Crisium - the Sea of Crises - looking like a huge lidless eye staring into the void:

Mare Crisium (27/05/2013).
DMK mono camera @ prime-focus on the 6" R-C.

And here's a poor effort at a mosaic of the whole shebang:

Moon (27/05/2013).
28 panes stitched with iMerge. Each pane is 500/2000 stacked frames.
DMK mono CCD camera @ prime-focus on the GSRC6M.
The seeing was bad so the detail isn't as good as usual.

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