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Observing Report 2nd-3rd June 2010 Part 1 (M13)

I managed to escape from the house last night and took refuge in my obsy. The skies weren't particularly clear, mainly due to the pending moon-rise, and the seeing was only middling, but I managed to get some dSLR pics of some Messier objects. For the first time I took some flat-frames as well as the customary lights and darks, it wasn't the hassle that I thought it would be, mainly due to me thinking laterally and adapting the "white tee-shirt method" by using a white microfibre cloth over the end of the scope.

The results are worth the extra effort, I reckon - there's less hassle trying to get Photoshop to correct the vignetting inherent in images of this kind. I'll probably knock-together some sort of white-screen contraption for the end of the scope now that I've got a better idea of what works.

Here's the first couple of pics, the target was M13 (aka The Hercules Globular Cluster, NGC6205) and it looks like I've managed to catch the faint smudge of NGC6207 near the top edge of the uncropped version:

M13 (The Hercules Globular Cluster, NGC2605) in the centre, NGC6207 to the upper-left(ish).
Subs: 50 light @ 60s, 50 dark @ 60s and 20 flat @ 2s, all ISO200.
D50 and MPCC on the C8N, guided with PHD.

 Cropped version

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