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Plans on ice

Posted by on October 31st 2008 in Great Escapes, Just for fun

Events have conspired to force the cancellation of this weekend's intended wildcamping trip. Mike Bell was going to accompany me on a leisurely round of the Coniston Fells (from Dow Crag round to a pub in Coniston via Holme Fell) but he's got a bad back and needs to rest up. I was going to do the route with or without him, but there are things I need to get done here this weekend, things that I should have got done during the week but never did. It's a shame, because the weather up there's going to be excellent, according to the forecasts. Never mind, the route (and hopefully the snow) will still be there next month.

I'll leave you with something for Halloween, courtesy of Colonel Blimp:


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