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Another bimble – Beacon Hill

Posted by on February 26th 2011 in Great Escapes

 Last week was half-term here. The kids were reluctant to go out, but we persisted in our efforts to drag them with us.

Beacon Hill Country Park was the venue for Thursday's walk. It's an interesting place - at 245m (802 feet) Beacon Hill is the second highest point in Leicestershire and the site of a Bronze Age hill fort. The walk up from the Lower Car Park is through pleasant wooded areas with good access, and there are many opportunities for geologising. Add in a few wonky trees, some interesting fungi and some weird moss, and it's a good day out.

As you will see from some of the pics, the kids didn't enjoy it at all...



Through the woods

Searching for sticks

Bracket fungi


The Den

Bracket #1

Bracket #2

The Old Man

Rocks near the summit

The Old Man again



Chris at the trig point

More layers

Chris on the rocks

Anna and the little people


Dip and strike

Panorama - full view


Panorama in a scrolly-thing

Anna #1

Anna #2


Anna #3

3 of a kind

One up, two down

Bedding planes #1

Bedding planes #2


The Great Unwashed... washed!

Stone Angels

On edge #1

On edge #2


A herd of moss

Wonky trees #1

Wonky trees #2

Wonky trees #3

Holey tree


Another bracket


Not a bad day out, I reckon we'll be going there again.

Common sense prevails

Posted by on February 17th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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This is brilliant news: Victory! Government to scrap plans to sell our forests.

Thanks to all of you that supported the protests and the petitions.

Well done!

A bimble around Braddie Park

Posted by on February 15th 2011 in Celebrations, Great Escapes

Chris took yesterday off work so we went out for a Valentine's Day walk at Bradgate Park. Despite the cool breeze and the cloudy weather it was good to get a few hours out together without the kids.

Old John and the War Memorial

Old John and the War Memorial again

Holed tree



The Bennion Memorial Plaque

Chris heading back towards the car



The War Memorial

Being watched

Old John

Remember why they stand

Posted by on February 15th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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 "Through God's good grace, through strength of English Oak
We have preserved our faith, our throne, our land.
Now with our freedom saved from tyrant's yoke
We plant these trees. Remember why they stand."

Plaque at Bradgate Park

Some of these trees have stood since 1946, accessible to the public and surviving many storms and governments.
It's just plain wrong for the current government to even consider selling off land bearing treasures like these.
The petition to stop the immoral sale needs more support - please encourage everyone you know to sign up to the cause.
Click Here.

Half A Million!

Posted by on February 11th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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That's a fair wedge of folk that want the Government to leave our forests alone.

If you've not signed up yet, click the pic above and get on with it - it's a doddle!

Two odd snippets

Posted by on February 5th 2011 in A bit of a rant, Campaigns and Petitions, In the News, Wildcamping

Sorry, this is old news (Thursday, December 02, 2010) but I thought I'd share it anyway.

First up:

East Yorkshire MP and Procedure Committee chairman Greg Knight was keen to know what progress there was to report on the electronic petitioning of Parliament:

"Is he aware that as long ago as 2008, this House was promised a debate in Government time on the electronic petitioning of Parliament? It is now nearly 2011 and we are still waiting. When, oh when, can we debate e-petitions?"

Sir George Young indicated that the Government was keen on making this happen:

"He will know that there is a commitment in the coalition agreement to take the issue forward. I hope that my office will be in touch with his Select Committee shortly to indicate how we plan to bridge the gap between House and country by taking forward the agenda of petitions. The commitment is that when a petition reaches 100,000, it will become eligible for a debate in this House. I am anxious to make progress on that agenda."

So before too long, all you'll need is 99,999 friends to agree on an issue and you'll be able to get it debated in Parliament.


Yeah, like we really believe that it will happen. If they ever did introduce such a policy, they'd be inundated. The "Save our Forests" petition is not far off having half-a-million supporters, so it would have to be debated properly and that would be devastating for the Government's axe-wielders. Imagine for one minute that, instead of debating how they should sell off the forests, they had to backtrack to debate the fundamental issue of should they sell of the forests. Nah, it won't happen - they don't have the balls for it.



David Tredinnick (Bosworth) (Con): Further to questions about the situation in Parliament square, is my right hon. Friend aware that there are now tents on the pavement outside at least one Government Department? Does he not think that that reflects very badly on the Government, the Greater London authority and the Metropolitan police? Why is this part of Westminster the only area in the whole United Kingdom where people can pitch a tent and not be moved on by the police immediately?


I've underlined that last sentence - read it again and tell me which planet this eejut's from. Has he never heard of campsites? Or have they outlawed them now? You can bet your life he never actually read neither my letters and emails to him regarding wildcamping, nor Jonathan Shaw's response to him regarding that same matter.


Just to prove that I'm not making it up, the source is here.


Posted by on February 3rd 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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Yep, believe it or not 2011 is the UN's International Year of Forests. Not that anybody's told Caroline Spelman and her bosses.



Have just a scan-read of the IYOF website and you'll find that "The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests". Their tagline is "Celebrating Forests for People".

Delve a little deeper and you'll find the 2010 Report of the Secretary-General on Preparations for Forests 2011, a Report of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It's a long document that I don't expect you'll go out of your way to read, so I've pulled a few choice tit-bits for you:

"The International Year of Forests, 2011 offers a unique opportunity to raise public awareness of the challenges facing many of the world’s forests and the people who depend on them. Great success stories and valuable lessons on how to promote sustainable forest management already exist. The Year provides a means of bringing those voices together and building momentum towards greater public participation in forest activities around the world."

"Forest spokespersons or messengers: The secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests is currently identifying individuals who can use their leadership or celebrity status to generate media attention and help to raise awareness and support for forests. These ambassadors-at-large are being sought from around the world and would be invited to travel to public events to promote the International Year of Forests, 2011 and mobilize action for forests."

There are some recommendations:

"Further encourage Member States to promote awareness of challenges and success stories related to implementing sustainable forest management at the national level."

"Promote observance of the Year not as an isolated event but as part of a continuing process of advocacy and partnership to foster greater awareness and action towards sustainable forest management at all levels."

There are even some dates for your diary:

The European Union Forest Directors-General meeting is expected to be held in Poland in November 2011

The European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) plans to organize its twelfth meeting in 2011

The Sixth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe will be convened in Oslo from 14 to 16 June 2011. High on the agenda will be the elaboration of a strengthened policy framework for sustainable forest management throughout Europe.


All this does make me think that our Government is lost in the woods. Seeing how it's stance is so at odds with the IYOF credo, I'm beginning to think that even our membership of the UN might be considered superfluous by our leaders.

There's still time to take action to stop the madness here - sign the petition and badger your MP.

Wilde thing

Posted by on January 31st 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News

"What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." (Oscar Wilde)

I'd suggest that our leaders have a tendency towards the cynical:

England's forests: Priced at £74.5 million. Value beyond measure, of long-term benefit to the population and the environment.
Ronaldo: Sold for £80 million (AND he gets £11 million a year for six years). Value debatable, short professional life-span, dives a lot.

We live in a mad world when the biggest cheat in soccer can be sold for more than all of our glorious forests.

You can't even argue that they can't be compared - after all, they're both wooden!

Go figure.

Then go sign the petition.

329691 signatories so far, many more are needed.

The map is a screengrab from the 38 Degrees Save our Forests website, the Ronaldo pic is by Jan S0L0 and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license, pic source here.

If you go down to the woods today…

Posted by on January 26th 2011 in Campaigns and Petitions, In the News
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... cherish the experience as best you can - it might well be one of the last times you get to do it.



In case you've missed the news, the Government is planning to sell all of England's national forests (see here).

There were times when the Tories were in favour of trees. Remember "Plant a Tree in '73"? As recently as last month they were promoting "The Big Tree Plant". Now it seems that they've done a U-turn as tight as the one in the photo above.

Thankfully there is great opposition to the sell-off. A YouGov poll found that 84% of the British public agree that woods and forests should be kept in public ownership for future generations (see here). Protests are planned. Battle-lines are being drawn up. Celebrities and leading figures are calling for the Government to reverse the decision to flog our logs and the land under them (see here).

There's an online petition too, it currently has 240,863 signatories. It needs more. Please sign up yourself and get others to do so. I'll cost you nothing more than a few minutes to help to save what should be retained and nurtured forever.

Posters etc. are available, click the following pic to get access to downloadable resources:


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