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Winter Migration

Posted by on January 13th 2010 in Blog on Blog

Looks like the Fieldfares have now started to colonise the blogosphere:



At this rate, they'll be ousting the Robins as the most-featured (feathered) blog-birds.

A traveller through the fields

Posted by on January 10th 2010 in In the garden, Pics, Weather

We have a couple of families of Song Thrushes in our garden all year, they're always pottering about on the ground, hunting snails and thrashing them against stones to get to their juicy innards.

In times of lasting snow-cover, however, their relatives come to visit, and they come in flocks of 20 or so. The hassle of hopping around looking for ground-based meals is not for them - they're a lot more acrobatic and they use this talent to raid whatever they can find in the fruit-trees...


The visitors are mainly Fieldfares, although there are a few Redwings tagging along.

All three species mentioned are on the RSPB Red List, and all three belong to the same genus: Turdus.

It seems a shame that these likeable little birds have been given such a crappy-sounding Latin moniker.

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