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Skye 2012 – a Tuesday trip to the beach

Posted by on September 1st 2012 in Great Escapes, Summer Holidays

Tuesday morning was looking a bit grim up north so we decided to head westwards in an effort to find more sunshine. As usual I was ready and waiting while the others were still faffing so I had a play with the camera trying to capture the ever-changing view from the cottage:

A million miles of space and fresh air
(Caption inspired by Alan Sloman)

Sunshine and shade

Soon we were on the road and heading for the area around Dunvegan. It doesn't look too far on the map, but distances are deceptive even when you allow for the twists and turns of the route.  Eventually we made it to our first objective - the small car-park at the end of the road to Claigan - where the weather was sunny and warm. We were lucky enough to nab the last available space and soon we were at the start of the easy track to the Coral Beaches. At the start of the track is a sign that reads differently every time I look at it:

Are they really thanking all of the dogs on leads?
Do they shoot the farm animals if a dog is caught worrying?
How serious is worrying? I worry about lots of things, will I be arrested? Or shot?


The short walk is a delight, there being many different grasses, colourful plants and butterflies:

Purple and blue

Soon enough we got our first look at the beaches:

On the approach to the Coral Beaches

Of course, it's not really a coral beach. The stuff underfoot consists of maerl (the calcified parts of coralline red algae) with some broken shells and worm-tubes thrown in for good measure:

It's sedimentary, my dear Watson

We spent more time there than we expected, and we ran out of time to visit the nearby Souterrain and Dunvegan Castle. No matter, it's a good excuse to go back another year. Here are some more pics:

Cnoc Mòr a' Ghrobain

Over Lampay towards Duirinish

Towards Macleod's Tables

Isay, Mingay and Clett from Cnoc Mòr a' Ghrobain

Gin-clear shallows

Chris atop Cnoc Mòr a' Ghrobain




Hooded Crows (Corvus cornix)

On the short drive back to Dunvegan we saw plenty of seals:

Seals near Gairbh Eilein


From Dunvegan we headed to Portree to pick up some supplies and some petrol, and then headed northwards past The Storr. Sadly, we didn't get a chance to walk in this area. If you're thinking of giving it a shot you could do worse than follow Jamie's route and advice here.

Anyway, here's a couple of pics:

The Storr from a distance

The Storr beyond Loch Fada

Back at the cottage all was overcast so we had a night in sitting in front of a compelling open log-fire and watching the telly.

To be continued...

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