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Another bimble – Beacon Hill

Posted by on February 26th 2011 in Great Escapes

 Last week was half-term here. The kids were reluctant to go out, but we persisted in our efforts to drag them with us.

Beacon Hill Country Park was the venue for Thursday's walk. It's an interesting place - at 245m (802 feet) Beacon Hill is the second highest point in Leicestershire and the site of a Bronze Age hill fort. The walk up from the Lower Car Park is through pleasant wooded areas with good access, and there are many opportunities for geologising. Add in a few wonky trees, some interesting fungi and some weird moss, and it's a good day out.

As you will see from some of the pics, the kids didn't enjoy it at all...



Through the woods

Searching for sticks

Bracket fungi


The Den

Bracket #1

Bracket #2

The Old Man

Rocks near the summit

The Old Man again



Chris at the trig point

More layers

Chris on the rocks

Anna and the little people


Dip and strike

Panorama - full view


Panorama in a scrolly-thing

Anna #1

Anna #2


Anna #3

3 of a kind

One up, two down

Bedding planes #1

Bedding planes #2


The Great Unwashed... washed!

Stone Angels

On edge #1

On edge #2


A herd of moss

Wonky trees #1

Wonky trees #2

Wonky trees #3

Holey tree


Another bracket


Not a bad day out, I reckon we'll be going there again.

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