Seasonal growth (updated)

Posted by @ 4:34 pm on Thursday 28th March, 2013.
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There's a growing "in yer face" problem here. It's the Bearded Git's beard.

Let me explain...

In the course of a normal year I cut it short in the spring, keep it in check during the summer, leave it a bit longer during the autumn and let it wander wild and free during the winter to provide natural protection and insulation when up on the snowy fells. After all, it's a functional beard, none of yer designer-stubble rubbish. The aforementioned spring cull is undertaken only when I'm fairly certain that the last of the extreme wintry weather has ended. That's usually sometime during late February.

This winter's weather, as you know, is showing no signs of abating. As a consequence, now that we're almost in April, the chin-thatch is becoming a tad unruly. Indeed, there's now more on my face than there is on my head. It's taken to snagging itself in zips, stealing my food and catching fire whenever I spark up a smoke. I think it has developed a life of its own:

See what I mean?

And so there's a dilemma. To leave it long for a few more weeks just in case we get after-Easter snow, or to crop it and be damned/cold.

If I mow it, the current cold weather will continue. If I leave it be, the summer will be upon us faster than you can say "Factor 5000".

Perhaps a graft would be a better idea.


UPDATE 31st March 2013

This just in from Chris, another beardy bloke who lives over the road:

Thanks a bunch, Chris.

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3 Responses to “Seasonal growth (updated)”

  1. scott says:

    "Do you still remember, December's foggy freeze?
    When the ice that clings onto your beard is screaming agony

    As it stands, if you had a flute, you could definitely pull the whole tribute band thing off.


  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By scott
    As it stands, if you had a flute, you could definitely pull the whole tribute band thing off.


    Sadly, my musical talents encompass only the Jew's Harp, hardly a suitable instrument for the gob-hairy members of the orchestra.

  3. AlanR says:

    I think there could be a stand in role available in the history channels Mountain Men series. Especially for Tom Oar. Mmm

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