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Posted by @ 3:45 pm on Saturday 26th January, 2013.
Categories: A bit of a rant

The refuse recycling cycle has restarted after the local freeze.

No, not the fortnightly collection cycle, the collateral-damage repair cycle.

If these sub-contracted wannabe-rally-drivers could keep their truck on the road then the council wouldn't have to send out one team to repair the grass and the kerb-stones and another team to clean the crap off the road, all at the Council-Tax-payers' expense.

FFS, the road's more than wide enough for their truck to make the turn, but almost every two weeks they manage to avoid the tarmac despite all their rear-view worker-safety tech. If they do manage to miss the grass you can bet that a week later the driver of the non-recyclable waste collection truck will take his turn to plough a furrow.

It's piss-poor driving. There's no excuse for it. And us fools are paying for it!


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2 Responses to “… overground, Wombling free,”

  1. BG! says:

    I phoned the Council today, told them about the damage and offered to hose-down the road and pick up the debris. They declined my offer. To their credit, a few hours later a bloke turned up to inspect the mess. He did a fair bit of exasperated hands-on-hips staring and head-shaking and then he took some photos but he didn't do any clean-up or repair work. There are still chunks of turf and bits of broken kerb-stone in the road.

  2. BG! says:

    The green and the kerb-stones haven't been fixed yet but today's collection-driver did steer clear the grass by over a yard. It was all going so well that I considered going outside to hand out medals.

    Then I found out that the bin-jockeys hadn't fully-emptied the wheelie-bin and had smashed the inner caddy that we have to use to segregate the paper & card from the plastics in the main part of the bin, so that's something else to add to the Council-Tax-payers' bill.


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