Observing Report 29th-30th November 2012 (Another coloured Moon)

Posted by @ 7:20 pm on Saturday 1st December, 2012.

I were bein' out Moon-gazin' again the other night, wi' a chest full o' booty. It were bein' so damned cold that I di'nae feel the need t' use the camera cool-box, the sensor were bein' well below zero throughout the imagin' run, to be sure. This time I decided t' get full-frame shots instead o' video. Shiver me timbers! With the 1000D on the 6" R-C I took 50 subs wi' APT, stacked 'em in K3CCDTools3, applied wavelets in RegiStax an' colour-enhanced the result in Photoshop. I reckon 'tis a bit better than me previous effort:


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3 Responses to “Observing Report 29th-30th November 2012 (Another coloured Moon)”

  1. AlanR says:

    Wow, by Blackbeard's sword. Absolutely stunnin'. I di'nae reckon a word o' the post, went straight o'er me head. But ye can take nothin' away from that photograph.
    Fetch me spyglass! An' swab the deck!
    Btw, what be the very bright planet/star that were bein' seen lower left o' the moon last week.

  2. BG! says:

    Cheers, Alan.

    Originally Posted By AlanR
    Btw, what be the very bright planet/star that were bein' seen lower left o' the moon last week.

    Jupiter. FWIW, 'tis a fine sight through binoculars durin' the winter months, ye should see up t' four moons around it.
    Yo Ho Ho, to be sure!

    Originally Posted By AlanR
    I di'nae reckon a word o' the post, went straight o'er me head.

    Sorry, that's me lapsin' into tech-speak...

    Stow that bilge, Bos'n! Fetch me spyglass!
    6" R-C.
    Stow that bilge, Bos'n, wi' a chest full o' booty!
    subs = subframes = exposures.
    Have ye seen the size o' the cabin-boy's hornpipe, an' a bottle o' rum!


    Moon - big round grey-lookin' thing in the sky, wi' a basketball player painted on it.

  3. I must agree wi' AlanR. My knowledge o' astronomy be limited t' a ragged volume o' I-Spy the Sky at Night, in which most thin's were ticked off when I were bein' a Cub in the 1960s, avast. That's a brilliant picture.

    Cheers, Alen McF

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