Time travel

Posted by @ 12:05 pm on Thursday 4th October, 2012.
Categories: Bargains

Way back on August 15th I pre-ordered Prometheus (DVD + E-copy) from Sainsbury's (they had an offer on and I had some e-vouchers and discount-codes to use, so it cost me next-to-nowt).

The official release date is October 8th.

Today's date is only October 4th, yet Sainsbury's have just sent me an email to say that they've already put my pre-ordered DVD in the post.

How does that work?

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8 Responses to “Time travel”

  1. I've heard of this happening before; sent in advance to arrive ON the release date. Be interested to know if you receive it before.

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Brian Cowling
    ... sent in advance to arrive ON the release date.

    LMFAO! Since when have we had a postal service that can be relied on to have an accuracy of +/- two days?

    Besides, if Sainsbury's have posted it, then effectively they've released it.

  3. Hey! Steady on. That's a bit rude.

    Quite a lot of delivery services can be relied upon nowadays. I've used couriers that will collect/deliver within a two hour time slot on a given day for example. Not quite the same thing I know but Amazon guarantee delivery next day and that even works when they use Royal Mail. Prometheus (the original one) was thought of as a trickster so maybe it's just a joke.

    Good luck and hope the film is worth it.

  4. BG! says:

    I was referring to the Royal Mail and Parcel Force, I thought that the term "postal service" was clear enough but I suppose that I could have been more specific.

    I agree totally that couriers do deliver on their promises, but the RM around here are not exactly held in high regard - I've had a few instances of them just slipping a "you weren't in so we've taken your goods back to the local sorting office" card through the letterbox and then buggering off without even knocking the door or ringing the bell, even though I've been in and indeed watching from the front room no more than 6 feet from the front door! On one occasion it took me three extra days to get my hands on such a parcel for which I'd paid a princely sum for "next day" delivery due to an urgent requirement.

    Another example of the ineptitude of the RM around here is how they divide up the delivery rounds. We live in a close in one of 26 properties that are numbered consecutively in a clockwise direction. This close has two posties assigned to it - one serves numbers 1 to 13, the other serves 14 to 26, yet both of them have to walk by all 26 of the properties. Go figure!



    All properties are clearly identified with prominent numbers on gates, walls and/or doors and yet there's hardly a day goes by without mail being delivered to the wrong address. OK, it's not usually a problem for us neighbours to sort it out, but when you're expecting an important letter such as a hospital appointment, and you've just seen the postie put it through the letterbox of the house next door, and you know that they've gone away on holiday to Malta for a fortnight... well, things get unnecessarily complicated.

    Furthermore, Parcel Farce didn't get that nickname without a good reason. A few years ago they delivered to my workplace a package containing an expensive 4ft spirit-level, the driver had a right paddy when I wouldn't accept the unopened package as it had a 30+ degree bend in the middle, even though the level was packaged inside a protective plastic tube. He even gave me a bollocking for wasting his time!

    I wasn't being rude, just factual.

  5. Mike Bell says:

    Glad you got it for next to nothing Stef.
    It's one of the worst over hyped movies I have ever seen.

  6. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Mike Bell
    ... over hyped...

    Yup, totally agree with that. The crying shame is that there was so much potential in the storyline, yet most of it went begging.
    If "Paradise", the prequel's sequel, doesn't cut the mustard either then I might be forced to "cross the floor" after all these years and watch Star Wars!

  7. Kenny says:

    And I was really looking forward to this one too. 🙁

    Never mind there's always the final part of the Twilight series... 😯 😉

  8. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Brian Cowling
    I've heard of this happening before; sent in advance to arrive ON the release date. Be interested to know if you receive it before.

    Suffice to say it didn't arrive early... or yesterday (the release date)... or today. I won't be holding my breath tomorrow either.

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