Three black flies in my Chardonnay…

Posted by @ 2:17 pm on Tuesday 11th September, 2012.

No. 1

Regarding online services, I spent years (and a small fortune) during the previous century on BT dial-up before switching to phone, email and broadband internet via Diamond Cable during their first month of service in our area. In time they were consumed by NTL who upped the ante by providing us with their digital telly service. In due course NTL were taken over by Virgin Media, they substituted a succession of their own digiboxes culminating in the temperamental VBox.

Tempted by their latest ads for their TiVo service, I phoned Virgin a few days ago in order to change my service to their "Essential Collection" - a 500 gig HD TiVo Box with more channels than you could shake a stick at, a wireless Super Hub, up to 30 meg fibre-optic broadband and a landline with weekend perks. Of course, this new bundle includes their email service. It took ages for them to agree to the correct price as advertised on their own webpage, mainly because I'd be getting more for less. Eventually they relented (after I mentioned the ASA) and a deal was struck.

Before hanging up the phone I asked them to send me an email detailing our agreement and the change of terms of our contract. Yeah, you've guessed it, they wouldn't send me one. Allegedly, they don't have the capability to email me from the sales department.

No. 2

Ella and her mates were mucking about with their mobiles, playing "guess the access code" with each other's handsets. As you'd expect, after her friend had tried too many incorrect codes Ella's phone kicked into lockout-mode and is now bricked. Well, technically that's not true... it's my phone as I'm the mug with his name on the contract, but the phone is still fcuked.

After wasting much time talking to the bewildered support folk at T-Mobile we resorted to the internet to see if we could find a working hard-reset procedure but it was all to no avail. Yesterday I took the handset to the nearest T-Mobile shop and explained all, they said it would need sending back to base for a repair and that it would take up to 28 days. I proffered my own mobile details so that they could inform me as to when the thing was ready to be collected but they declined, saying that they would let me know the outcome by text... to the affected handset.

No. 3

In a bizarre turn of events, a local careers service has closed with staff facing an uncertain future.


Don't talk to me about irony.


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3 Responses to “Three black flies in my Chardonnay…”

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Ah: SNAFU
    It's only posts like these that make life worth living, you know...

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By alan.sloman
    ... SNAFU...

    Three cheers for proper acronyms! They're so much better than txt spk.
    I've told my colo-rectal consultant that he's forbidden to use BOHICA in my presence 😯

  3. AlanR says:

    We do get mucked about. I had a similar experience with my old phone that i wanted to reinstate but i couldn’t remember the code.
    I took it to Vodafone who told me, like you, that it would have to be sent away. I said no it’s not worth the hassle as the minimum cost of fixing it was more than buying a new cheap phone.
    I was passing a market stall who sold phones and unlocking etc etc. I told him i couldn’t remember the code, but it was my phone and i actually had the receipt with me. He said come back in half an hour.
    I did, and gave him £10, it was up and running and he had upgraded the software too.
    It beggars belief sometimes.

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