Ice-storm #2 – video

Posted by @ 4:46 pm on Thursday 28th June, 2012.

Video as promised. This used to be our garden, now it's like the Somme...



The local paper's website says that the hailstones were as big as golf-balls. Well, that may have been true for Hinckley, but in Burbage we were getting some as big as cricket-balls!

I suppose you'll want to see what they've done to my car. I'll post the pics later.

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5 Responses to “Ice-storm #2 – video”

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Blimey! It's been gorgeous down here in Berkshire. Sunny with gentle winds.

  2. Alen McF says:

    Hi BG. We had a similar storm up here near Darlington yesterday afternoon and it was pretty scary because it came from nowhere. I got caught out in it and I could see and hear it coming across the fields – bloody trees bending over as it came. Unfortunately, our hail stones were the size of small peas, so I can't really brag about them.
    Alen McF

  3. BG! says:

    The clean-up starts today, I need to get things cleared so that I can provide a full list of damage to the insurers. So far we have trashed shed-roofs, damaged guttering, various damaged items of gardening equipment and garden furniture. The lid of the bicycle storage unit has been broken. The electronic cat-flap is broken. The house roof has no missing tiles but I suspect that some are cracked, it really needs a roofing expert to go up and survey the tiles and the chimney-stack. Amazingly, we have no broken windows but a few of the double-glazed units have "blown" - they are no longer sealed and have misted-up today.

    Most of this season's fruit and veg crop has been trashed and the lawns are cratered. On the bright side, my tardiness in erecting the polytunnel greenhouse means that it's still intact in its box. Every other greenhouse/lean-to/carport in the area was trashed.

    It was quite exciting yesterday but this morning it's all a bit depressing.

  4. alan.sloman says:

    @BG! -
    There was a video on the BBC website of hailstones in Burbage that filled the palm of your hand. Good luck with sorting all this out Stef...

  5. geoff says:

    Those hailstones are much larger than the Storm Chasers were showing on TV last night.
    Like Al, I hope you manage to get the damage sorted out without too much grief.

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