Review – Lifeventure Downlight 900 sleeping bag – First proper use

Posted by @ 12:05 am on Friday 15th July, 2011.

This item has been supplied by Adam Smith, representing Go Outdoors.

The sleeping bag being reviewed is the Lifeventure Downlight 900, the Go Outdoors link is here and the Lifeventure link is here.

My "First Thoughts" review is here.

I used the bag on the recent two-night wildcamping weekend in the Lakes District and I had two nights of comfortable sleep in it in an open-fly tent in temperatures that dipped to +5C. On the same outing my walking buddy Mike was using a lightweight synthetic bag and he was cold on both nights despite being clothed and having his tent closed.

Sadly there are no new pictures of the DL900 in use in the tent - my lowly Argos Pro Action Hike Lite isn't big enough to accommodate both a laid-out sleeping bag and a photographer. I can report that the bag coped really well - it lofted fully within five minutes of being laid out, the zip didn't snag, the drawcords behaved themselves and it didn't retain any dampness in spite of its sweaty occupant. Stowing it in the neat dry-bag was easy and as I've said before it compresses to a flat shape that fits well in a pack.

I think that this bag could be used from early spring to late autumn if the user was appropriately dressed. Hopefully I'll be able to verify this later in the year.

It's worth bearing in mind that this is the mid-range Downlight bag. Go Outdoors also sell the 600 and the 1200 versions for those that need either less or more insulation. The complete range of sleeping bags on offer from Go Outdoors is listed here.

Overall verdict: Highly Recommended.



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