A weekend with The Doctor

Posted by @ 8:44 pm on Sunday 10th July, 2011.
Categories: Great Escapes, Wildcamping

Just unpacking after a fine wildcamping weekend with Mike Bell.

As you can see from the following snapshot, Saturday's weather was really good - hardly the washout that MWIS predicted:


Muggins on High Raise (© Mike Bell)

You'll have to wait a while for the pics and report - a new CPU fan has arrived and there'll be downtime while I'm fitting it.

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6 Responses to “A weekend with The Doctor”

  1. Mike Bell says:

    What a superb picture. A man at ease in his environment.
    Interesting point, although I took it with your camera, would I own the rights to it?!
    Twas a grand weekend.

  2. BG! says:

    Looks like a bloke fiddling with his nuts (and thoroughly enjoying the experience, judging by the facial expression).

    According to Wikipedia, "The owner of the copyright in the photograph is the photographer – the person who creates it, by default." but I'm unsure whether that applies in all countries. See here.

    I've edited the post accordingly.

  3. Scott says:

    Those wee red bits are part of your hat rather than part of your ears, I'm assuming?



  4. BG! says:

    Don't diss the titfer (or the lugs, for that matter)!


  5. Mike Bell says:

    @Mike Bell - very interesting! I'm never going to let my bro in law use my camera again in case he does me for breach of copyright like he did with the scoundrels who nicked one of his pics for an internet campaign.
    I concede copyright to you Stef, it was a pleasure to use your fine camera; must get one myself soon for proper photography.

  6. BG! says:

    @Mike Bell - It does seem odd, though. I own all of the camera kit used, and indeed I possess the original image. You rearranged some of my 1s & 0s on my media card and all of a sudden you have the rights to something that you've never owned.

    Thanks for the copyright concession, Mike. You can assume that I concede the same to you for the pics that I took with your camera.

    As regards getting a dSLR, ask yourself if you really want to lug one everywhere like I do. Not everybody wants that sort of hassle.

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